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Ethernet Frame Format Explained

This tutorial explains the format, parts, and types of an Ethernet frame in detail. Learn what does an Ethernet frame contains and how to interpret the Ethernet format. What is the Ethernet frame? An Ethernet frame is a piece of data along with the information that is required to transport and deliver that piece of data. In networking reference models, such as; OSI Seven Layers model and TCP/IP, the Ethernet frame is defined in the Data link layer. Ethernet format An Ethernet frame contains Read more […]

MAC Addresses Explained with Examples

This tutorial explains the MAC (Media Access Control) address in detail. Learn what the MAC address is, how it is formed, and the types of MAC addresses (unicast, multicast, and broadcast). In network, an address provides a unique identity to an end device. Unless an end device has a unique address, it can’t communicate with other devices in the network. A unique address enables an end device to send and receive data in the network. In the LAN network, a unique address is the combination Read more […]