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By | September 24, 2012

Here you will find answers to IP Phone Questions

Question 1
When troubleshooting a phone that is unable to get an IP address from a DHCP server, what is the first thing to check for on the phone?

A. Make sure that DHCP Enabled is disabled on the phone.
B. Make sure that the phone is getting the proper VLAN information.
C. Make sure that the TFTP server address is correct on the phone.
D. Make sure that the DHCP scope has enough addresses left in the range.
E. Make sure the phone has the correct phone load ID.

Answer: B

Question 2

An IP phone has a line calling search space and a device calling search space. If a call is made from the IP phone, which calling search space is used?

A. Neither calling search space is used.
B. The line calling search space takes precedence and is used.
C. The device calling search space takes precedence and is used.
D. The line and device calling search spaces are combined and the line calling search space has precedence.

Answer: D

Question 3
In which two ways can an administrator reset an IP phone that is registered with Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two)

A. Phone can be reset in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration.
B. Phone can be reset in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express CLI.
C. Press the * * #* * key combination on the IP phone keypad.
D. Enter the reset ephone command in the switch.
E. Press the * * #* key combination on the IP phone keypad.
F. Press the ##**# key combination on the IP phone keypad.

Answer: A C

Question 4
After changes are made to an IP phone, which reset method is the fastest to bring the phone back into service?

A. drop
B. restart
C. reset
D. shutdown
E. shut and no shut

Answer: B

Question 5
How can an administrator determine which codec is being used between two endpoints while a call is in progress?
A. Run the codec trace in Cisco Unified Communication Manager.

B. Use Cisco Unified Serviceability network trace.
C. Can only be seen in Cisco SDI traces.
D. Can only be seen in a sniffer trace.
E. Pressthe ? button twice on one of the IP phones.

Answer: E

Question 6

An administrator wants to see how long a specific IP phone extension is in use during a given period of time. What CAR tool feature would the administrator use?

A. System Reports > Traffic > Summary by Phone Number
B. CDR > Search > By Call Precedence Level
C. Device Reports > Route Patterns/Hunt Groups > Route and Line Group Utilization
D. User Reports > Top N > By Duration

Answer: A

Question 7
After an IP phone has been added to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager server, the administrator notices that the phone has a directory number that is not in the number range in use by the organization. He also notes that the directory number is 1000. What is the most likely cause?

A. The phone number was misconfigured.
B. The phone may have auto-registered.
C. The phone is configured on another server.
D. DHCP gave the phone the wrong directory number
E. TFTP server is misconfigured

Answer: B

Question 8
All users report that when they press the Messages button on their IP phone, nothing happens. What is the most likely cause of this issue?

A. Cisco Unity Connection is not configured.
B. The default Voicemail Profile does not have a Pilot number configured.
C. The Voicemail Pilot does not have the VoiceMail Profile configured.
D. The Integrated Service Engine is offline.
E. The Voicemail Pilot is incorrect.

Answer: B

Question 9
Which type of single switch port can support data and voice VLANs and is recommended for Cisco Unified IP phones?

A. multiflex port
B. trunk port
C. access port
D. ISL trunking port

Answer: C

Question 10
When adding an IP phone to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager system, what two choices does an administrator have to add the phone to the system? (Choose two)

A. auto-registration
B. FHSS provisioning
C. IP phone configuration assistant
D. manual provisioning
E. Cisco Unified Serviceability

Answer: A D

Question 11
On an IP phone line appearance, for which two purposes is the Display parameter designed to be used? (Choose two)

A. display a number other than the directory number of the IP phone
B. display a name instead of the directory number of the IP phone
C. internal caller ID
D. external caller ID
E. full directory number ID for outgoing calls

Answer: B C