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By | September 24, 2012

Here you will find answers to Cisco Mobility Express Questions

Question 1

Which two tasks does RRM routinely perform? (Choose two)

A. antenna selection
B. AP address assignment
C. channel assignment
D. encryption method assignment
E. transmit power control


Answer: C E


Radio resource management (RRM) is a management control system designed to eliminate or reduce co-channel interference in wireless systems. The objective of RRM is to optimize the availability of channel resources as required to provide the best possible wireless service for users while allowing wireless service providers to serve as many users as possible. RRM engine monitors the radio resources, performs dynamic channel assignments, provides detection and avoidance of interference, and provides the dynamic transmit power control (TPC).

Question 2

A new Cisco Mobility Express 526 controller using v4.2 code direct from the factory is accessible by which default IP address?



Answer: D


The default IP address of the configuration wizard of Cisco Mobility Express Wizard is  So if you have never performed CLI setup, you can access the web interface of a Cisco 526 Express Controller via this address. But notice that you have to access it using secure http,

Question 3

What are the primary methods of configuration management for the Mobility Express Solution?

A. CCA and CLI
B. CCA and Web GUI
C. CLI and Web GUI
D. CLI, Web GUI, and CCA
E. Cisco WCS, Web GUI, and CCA
F. Cisco WCS, Web GUI, CCA, and CLI


Answer: B


The Cisco 526 Controller can be configured using the web interface or using the Cisco Configuration Assistant.


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