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By | April 22, 2015




Which scheduling and management application can be installed on any hardware platform that meets the minimum specifications that the end customer decides to deploy?


A.      Cisco Video Communications

B.      Cisco TelePresence Management Suite

C.      Cisco Digital Media Manager

D.      Cisco TelePresence Management Switch

E.       Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Correct Answer: B


When scheduling a multipoint conference, which three devices are required for the conference to be scheduled and completed successfully? (Choose three.)


A.      Cisco Unified Communications Manager

B.      multipoint control unit

C.      video conferencing endpoints

D.      Cisco Unity Connection

E.       Cisco Unified IM and Presence

Correct Answer: ABC


Which encoder is best suited for professional, studio-quality audio and video processing?


A.      Scientific Atlanta Encoder

B.      Cisco Digital Media Encoder 1000

C.      Cisco Digital Media Encoder 2000

D.      Cisco Digital Media Encoder 3000

Correct Answer: C


Which of these is the core component of the Cisco Video Surveillance product suite that handles recording and serving of video feeds?


A.      Video Communications Server

B.      Cisco IP camera

C.      Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager

D.      Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server

Correct Answer: D


Which Cisco Video Surveillance product contains the Cisco Video Surveillance Encoding Server?


A.      Video Communications Server

B.      Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager

C.      Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server

D.      Cisco Video Surveillance Transcoding and Encoding Server

E.  &nbs
Cisco Video Surveillance Virtual Matrix

Correct Answer: B


Cisco Video Surveillance Video Encoder cards perform which function?


A.      the ability to use existing analog equipment with an IP-enabled video surveillance system

B.      the ability to convert low-resolution video to high-definition video for video surveillance

C.      the ability to stream digital media to digital media in an IP-enabled video recording environment

D.      the ability to encrypt raw video signals to secure video signals

Correct Answer: A


In an ISR Cisco Video Management and Storage System, what is the maximum storage capacity allowed per module?


A.      1 TB per module

B.      2 TB per module

C.      3 TB per module

D.      500 MB per module

E.       750 MB per module

F.       850 MB per module

Correct Answer: A




Which two issues does utilizing an IP network storage solution for IP video surveillance help overcome? (Choose two.)


A.      analog to IP conversion

B.      large, expandable storage space

C.      physical security

D.      scalability

E.       faster bit rate for storage

Correct Answer: BD


Which Cisco TelePresence multipoint platform utilizes only Cisco Unified Communications Manager for call control?


A.      Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit

B.      Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch

C.      Cisco TelePresence Server

D.      Cisco TelePresence Media Bridge Server

E.       Cisco TelePresence System 500-32

F.       Cisco TelePresence SX20

Correct Answer: B


Which Cisco Video Surveillance device is responsible for providing video streams to monitors after the respective layouts and views are received by the monitors?


Cisco IP Video Surveillance Operations Manager

B.      Cisco IP Video Surveillance Virtual Matrix Viewer

C.      Cisco Video Surveillance Manager

D.      Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server

Correct Answer: D

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