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By | April 22, 2015




Which two statements are true about 802.1s? (Choose two.)


A.       802.1s supports a reduced number of spanning-tree instances.

B.       802.1s has better convergence times than 802.1w.

C.       802.1s does not support load balancing over the same physical topology.

D.      The CPU utilization for 802.1s is lower than the CPU utilization for 802.1w.


Correct Answer: AD




Which configuration is used to enable root guard?


A.        interface gig3/1

spanning-tree guard root


B.        interface gig3/1

spanning-tree root guard


C.        interface gig3/1

spanning-tree root-guard


D.        interface gig3/1

spanning-tree root-guard default


Correct Answer: A




Which two statements describe spanning-tree BPDU processing for a blocking port? (Choose two.)


A.       BPDUs that enter a blocking port are discarded.

B.       BPDUs that enter a blocking port are processed.

C.       Loopguard puts an interface into a loop-inconsistent state when BPDUs stop being received on a blocking port.

D.      BPDUs are only processed on forwarding ports.


Correct Answer: BC




When troubleshooting duplex mismatches, which two are errors that are typically seen on the half duplex end? (Choose two.)


A.       excessive collisions

B.       FCS errors

C.       runts

D.      late collisions


Correct Answer: AD




You are using VTP (version 2) in your network to transport VLAN information between switches. When adding a switch to the network (that has been used in the lab previously), you notice that a lot of the existing VLANs have been deleted or replaced with other names. What can you do to prevent this from happening in the future, without losing all VTP features that you are using today?


A.       configure a hard-to-guess VTP domain name

B.       use a hard-to-guess VTP password

C.       use VTP transparent mode

D.      implement VTP version 3


Correct Answer: D





Which two combinations are valid PAgP configurations that will set up a PAgP channel? (Choose two.)


A.       On-Passive

B.       On-Auto

C.       Passive-Active

D.      Desirable-Auto

E.       Active-Active

F.        Desirable-Desirable


Correct Answer: DF




Which three causes could prevent a host from getting an IPv6 address with stateless autoconfiguration? (Choose three.)


A.       The autoconfig command is missing from the router interface.

B.       IPv6 multicast routing is not enabled on the router interface.

C.       IPv6 unicast routing is not enabled on the router interface.

D.      The router interface is configured with a /63 mask.

E.       The router interface is configured with a /65 mask.< /font>


Correct Answer: CDE




Which two IPv6 address pairs can be assigned on a point-to-point link with a /125 mask? (Choose two.)


A.       2001:DB8::1 and 2001:DB8::2

B.       2001:DB8::9 and 2001:DB8::10

C.       2001:DB8::10 and 2001:DB8::17

D.      2001:DB8::1 and 2001:DB8::18


Correct Answer: AC




Which two of the following are considered valid router IDs for EIGRPv6? (Choose two.)




C.       2001:DB8::1

D.      2001:DB8:ABCD:FEEF::1


Correct Answer: AB




Which two tunneling techniques in IPv6 do not require an IPv4 tunnel destination in the configuration? (Choose two.)


A.       6to4

B.       6over4

C.       ISATAP

D.      GRE


Correct Answer: AC

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