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How will EIGRPv6 react if there is an IPv6 subnet mask mismatch between the Global Unicast addresses on a point-to-point link?


A.       EIGRPv6 will form a neighbor relationship.

B.       EIGRPv6 will not form a neighbor relationship.

C.       EIGRPv6 will form a neighbor relationship, but with the log MSG: “EIGRPv6 neighbor not on a common subnet.”

D.      EIGRPv6 will form a neighbor relationship, but routes learned from that neighbor will not be installed in the routing table.


Correct Answer: A




Which two tunneling techniques support IPv6 multicasting? (Choose two.)


A.       6to4

B.       6over4

C.       ISATAP

D.      6PE

E.       GRE


Correct Answer: BE




Which two OSPF LSA types are new in OSPF version 3? (Choose two.)


A.       Link

B.       NSSA external

C.       Network link

D.      Intra-area prefix

E.       AS domain


Correct Answer: AD




In order to maintain security, with which hop count are IPv6 neighbor discovery packets sent?


A.        0

B.        1

C.        255

D.        256


Correct Answer: C




Which command will define a VRF with name ‘CCIE’ in IPv6?


A.       ip vrf CCIE

B.       ipv6 vrf CCIE

C.       vrf definition CCIE

D.      ipv6 vrf definition CCIE


Correct Answer: C




For which routes does LDP advertise a label binding?


A.       all routes in the routing table

B.       only the IGP and BGP routes in the routing table

C.       only the BGP routes in the routing table

D.      only the IGP routes in the routing table


Correct Answer: D




Which command can be used on a PE router to connect to a CE router ( in VRF red?


A.       telnet /vrf-source red

B.       telnet source /vrf red

C.       telnet /source vrf red

D.      telnet /vrf red

E.       telnet vrf red


Correct Answer: D




Refer to the exhibit. This is an MPLS VPN network with OSPF as the PE-CE routing protocol. Which statement is correct?



A.       The routing inside the VPN RED will never work correctly.

B.       The routing inside the VPN RED can be enabled by configuring virtual links between the PE routers.

C.       The routing inside the VPN RED can be enabled by configuring area 0 inside the VRF on the PE routers.

D.      The routing inside the VPN RED will work without any special OSPF configuration.

E.       The routing inside the VPN RED will work if the PE routers have a full mesh of sham-links configured for VRF RED.


Correct Answer: D




Which two statements are correct about Nonstop Forwarding? (Choose two.)


A.       It allows the standby RP to take control of the device after a hardware or software fault on the active RP.

B.       It is a Layer 3 function that works with SSO to minimize the amount of time a network is unavailable to users following a switchover.

C.       It is supported by the implementation of EIGRP, OSPF, RIPv2, and BGP protocols.

D.       It synchronizes startup configuration, startup variables, and running configuration.

E.        The main objective of NSF is to continue forwarding IP packets following a switchover.

F.        Layer 2 802.1w or 802.1s must be used, as 802.1d cannot process the Layer 2 changes.

G.       Routing protocol tuning parameters must be the same as the NSF parameters, or failover will be inconsistent.


Correct Answer: BE




Which three fields are optional in an OSPFv3 external LSA? (Choose three.)


A.       Forwarding Address

B.       External Route

Reference Link-State ID

D.      Option

E.       Prefix Options


Correct Answer: ABC


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