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Which four protocols are supported by Cisco IOS Management Plane Protection? (Choose four.)


A.      Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (BEEP)

B.      Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)

C.      Secure Copy Protocol (SCP)

D.      Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

E.       Secure Shell (SSH)

F.       Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)


Correct Answer: ABEF




Which four Cisco IOS features are used to implement First Hop Security in IPv6? (Choose four.)


A.      IPv6 First-Hop Security Binding Table

B.      IPv6 Device Tracking

C.      IPv6 RA Guard

D.      SeND

E.       IPv6 Selective Packet Discard

F.       IPv6 Source Guard


Correct Answer: ABCD




According ISO27001 ISMS, which of the following are mandatory documents? (Choose 4)


A.      ISMS Policy

B.      Corrective Action Procedure

C.      IS Procedures

D.      Risk Assessment Reports

E.       Complete Inventory of all information assets


Correct Answer: ABCD




Which current RFC made RFCs 2409, 2407, and 2408 obsolete?


A.      RFC 4306

B.      RFC 2401

C.      RFC 5996

D.      RFC 4301

E.       RFC 1825


Correct Answer: C


Which of these is a core function of the risk assessment process? (Choose one.)


A.      performing regular network upgrades

B.      performing network optimization

C.      performing network posture validation

D.      establishing network baselines

E.       prioritizing network roll-outs


Correct Answer: C




Which two answers describe provisions of the SOX Act and its international counterpart Acts? (Choose two.)


A.      confidentiality and integrity of customer records and credit card information

B.      accountability in the event of corporate fraud

C.      financial information handled by entities such as banks, and mortgage and insurance brokers

D.      assurance of the accuracy of financial records

E.       US Federal government information

F.       security standards that protect healthcare patient data


Correct Answer: BD




Which three statements about the Cisco IPS sensor are true? (Choose three.)


A.      You cannot pair a VLAN with itself.

B.      For a given sensing i
nterface, an interface used in a VLAN pair can be a member of another inline interface pair.

C.      For a given sensing interface, a VLAN can be a member of only one inline VLAN pair, however, a given VLAN can be a member of an inline VLAN pair on more than one sensing interface.

D.      The order in which you specify the VLANs in a inline pair is significant.

E.       A sensing interface in inline VLAN pair mode can have from 1 to 255 inline VLAN pairs.


Correct Answer: ACE




Which two VLSM subnets, when taken as a pair, overlap? (Choose two.)








Correct Answer: AD




The address of an inside client is translated from a private address to a public address by a NAT router for access to an outside web server. What term describes the destination address (client) after the outside web server responds, and before it hits the NAT router?


A.      inside local

B.      inside global

C.      outside local

D.      outside global


Correct Answer: B




What is the ICMPv6 type and destination IPv6 address for a Neighbor Solicitation packet that is sent by a router that wants to learn about a newly introduced network device?


A.      ICMP type 136 and the Solicited-Node multicast address

B.      ICMP type 135 and the Broadcast address

C.      ICMP type 136 and the All-Routers multicast address

D.      ICMP type 135 and the All-Routers multicast address

E.       ICMP type 135 and the Solicited-Node multicast address

F.       ICMP type 136 and the Broadcast address


Correct Answer: E


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