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With the Cisco FlexVPN solution, which four VPN deployments are supported? (Choose four.)


A.      site-to-site IPsec tunnels?

B.      dynamic spoke-to-spoke IPSec tunnels? (partial mesh)

C.      remote access from software or hardware IPsec clients?

D.      distributed full mesh IPsec tunnels?

E.       IPsec group encryption using GDOI?

F.       hub-and-spoke IPsec tunnels?


Correct Answer: ABCF




Which four techniques can you use for IP management plane security? (Choose four.)


A.      Management Plane Protection

B.      uRPF

C.      strong passwords

D.      RBAC

E.       SNMP security measures

F.       MD5 authentication


Correct Answer: ACDE




Which three statements about remotely triggered black hole filtering are true? (Choose three.)


A.      It filters undesirable traffic.

B.      It uses BGP or OSPF to trigger a network-wide remotely controlled response to attacks.

C.      It provides a rapid-response technique that can be used in handling security-related events and incidents.

D.      It requires uRPF.


Correct Answer: ACD







Which three statements about Cisco Flexible NetFlow are true? (Choose three.)


A.      The packet information used to create flows is not configurable by the user.

B.      It supports IPv4 and IPv6 packet fields.

C.      It tracks all fields of an IPv4 header as well as sections of the data payload.

D.      It uses two types of flow cache, normal and permanent.

E.       It can be a useful tool in monitoring the network for attacks.


Correct Answer: BCE




During a computer security forensic investigation, a laptop computer is retrieved that requires content analysis and information retrieval. Which file system is on it, assuming it has the default installation of Microsoft Windows Vista operating system?


A.      HSFS

B.      WinFS

C.      NTFS

D.      FAT

E.       FAT32


Correct Answer: C




Which three statements about the IANA are true? (Choose three.)


A.      IANA is a department that is operated by the IETF.

B.      IANA oversees global IP address allocation.

C.      IANA managed the root zone in the DNS.

D.      IANA is administered by the ICANN.

E.       IANA defines URI schemes for use on the Internet.


Correct Answer: BCD




What does the Common Criteria (CC) standard define?


A.      The current list of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs)

B.      The U.S standards for encryption export regulations

C.      Tools to support the development of pivotal, forward-looking information system technologies

D.      The international standards for evaluating trust in information systems and products

E.       The international standards for privacy laws

F.       The standards for establishing a security incident response system


Correct Answer: D




Which three types of information could be used during the incident response investigation phase? (Choose three.)


A.      netflow data

B.      SNMP alerts

C.      encryption policy

D.      syslog output

E.       IT compliance reports


Correct Answer: ABD




Which of the following best describes Chain of Evidence in the context of security forensics?


A.      Evidence is locked down, but not necessarily authenticated.

B.      Evidence is controlled and accounted for to maintain its authenticity and integrity.

C.      The general whereabouts of evidence is known.

D.      Someone knows where the evidence is and can say who had it if it is not logged.


Correct Answer: B




Which option is a benefit of implementing RFC 2827?


A.      prevents DoS from legitimate, non-hostile end systems

B.      prevents disruption of special services such as Mobile IP

C.      defeats DoS attacks which employ IP source address spoofing

D.      restricts directed broadcasts at the ingress router

E.       allows DHCP or BOOTP packets to reach the relay agents as appropriate


Correct Answer: C


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