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By | April 27, 2015




If two phones share a line between them, what happens if the user of the first phone is using the line and the user of the second phone uses the Barge feature?


A.      The user of the first phone is notified of the Barge request.

B.      A three-way conference begins.

C.      The call is discontinued, but the first phone user and the second phone user are able to talk.

D.      The user on the first phone is knocked off the line, and the second phone user takes over the line.


Correct Answer: B




Which protocol is being used when you are utilizing the chat feature of Cisco Unified Personal Communicator?


A.      SIMPLE

B.      SIP

C.      XMPP

D.      HTTPS


Correct Answer: C




When deploying Cisco Unified Presence, which service is a basic service that can be considered as optional?


A.      Cisco Unified Presence Engine

B.      Cisco Unified Presence Sync Agent

C.      Cisco Unified Presence Session Initiation Protocol Proxy

D.      Cisco Unified Protocol Extensible Messaging Presence and Protocol Agent


Correct Answer: D




Which option should you use in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager End Users Configuration page to ensure that a user can use a desk phone both for calls and for Cisco Unified Presence?


A.      Enable Cisco Unified Presence Communicator

B.      Allow Control of Device from Cisco Computer Telephony Integration

C.      Allow Cisco Unified Personal Communicator Integration

D.      Allow Cisco Unified Presence Control over IP Phone


Correct Answer: B




Which protocol should you use to configure Cisco Unified Personal Communicator for secure voice messaging with Cisco Unity Connection?


A.      TCP

B.      SSL

C.      TLS

D.      UDP


Correct Answer: C




Which report in Cisco Unified Reporting should you use to track the number of users with one or more phones?


A.      Unified CM User Device Count

B.      Unified CM Device Distribution Summary

C.      Unified CM Table Count Summary

D.      Unified CM Data Summary


Correct Answer: A






Which Cisco IOS CLI command should you use to perform an IP phone cold reboot?


A.      router(config-ephone)# reset

B.      router(config-ephone)# restart

C.      router(config-ephone-dn)# restart

D.      router(config-phone)# reset


Correct Answer: A




By default, how many failed attempts at signing into Cisco Unity Connection is a user allowed before their account is locked out?


A.      2

B.      3

C.      4

D.      5

E.       6

F.       No limit


Correct Answer: B




When you reset an IP phone via the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration page, which method briefly shuts down a registered phone and brings it back up?


A.      drop

B.      restart

C.      reset

D. &

E.       shut & no shut


Correct Answer: C




Which generating QoS reports CAR tool, what two parameters are valid for report generation? (Choose two)


A.      route Iists

B.      route pattrens/hunt pilots

C.      route groups

D.      gateway types

E.       partitions

F.       IP phone directory numbers


Correct Answer: BD

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