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By | April 27, 2015




Which description describes the low latency queuing algorithm?


A.      Empty queue 1. If queue 1 is empty, empty queue 2, then empty queue 3, unless a packet for a higher queue arrives.

B.      An administrator defines the traffic classes based on match criteria, including protocols, access control lists, and input interfaces.

C.      A flow-based algorithm that simultaneously schedules interactive traffic to the front of a queue to reduce response time and fairly shares the remaining bandwidth among high-bandwidth flows.

D.      This feature brings strict priority queuing to CBWFQ.

E.       Packets are placed into a single queue and serviced in the order they were received.


Correct Answer: D




Which behavior can be configured with the snr calling-number local command?


A.      displaying the called number instead of the remote destination at the calling party

B.      displaying the original caller at the remote destination

C.      displaying the enterprise directory number instead of the original caller at the calling party

D.      displaying the enterprise directory number instead of the original caller at the remote destination


Correct Answer: D




What application uses the Cisco Unified Operating System for administration and configuration?


A.      Cisco Unity Express

B.      Cisco Unified Messaging Gateway

C.      Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express

D.      Cisco Unified Presence


Correct Answer: D




Which two types of device can the Cisco Unified Disaster Recovery use as a backup target? (Choose two.)


A.      DVD ROM drive

B.      FTP server

C.      tape device

D.      TFTP server

E.       WebDAV server

F.       SFTP server

G.      CD ROM


Correct Answer: CF




To monitor the service health and performance, which service should you activate in Cisco Unity Connection?


A.      CUC Performance Service

B.      CUC System Auditing

C.      Real-Time Monitoring Tool

D.      Cisco Serviceability Reporter


Correct Answer: D




Which report can you use to display all currently unassigned directory numbers?


A.      Route Plan Report

B.      Directory Number Assignment

C.      Unassigned Objects Report

D.      IP Phone Number Assignment


Correct Answer: A







An engineer is installing an IP phone in a remote location. When the engineer plugs the IP phone into the network, the phone does not power up. What is the first thing that should be checked?


A.      Power over Ethernet switch

B.      Cisco Unified Communications Manager Server

C.      Cisco Unified Presence

D.      DHCP server


Correct Answer: A




An organization is using a centralized DHCP server for all IP phones. However, when the IP phones are powered up, the phones are unable to obtain an IP address. Which CLI command should be in the router configuration to ensure that the IP phones are able to reach the DHCP server?


A.      router(config)# helper-address

B.      router(config-if)# ip helper-address

C.      router(config-if)# helper-address

D.      router(config)# ip helper-address


Correct Answer: B




An engineer is troubleshooting call quality issues between central headquarters and a remote branch location. When on an active call, the engineer watches the call statistics on the IP phone and notices that the max jitter is 100 ms. What is the maximum amount of jitter that the engineer should set to maintain a high-quality call?


< span style="mso-list: ignore">A.      5 ms

B.      50 ms

C.      10 ms

D.      30 ms


Correct Answer: D









Drag and Drop the characteristics of Voice and Data.



Correct Answer:



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