Download New Updated (Spring 2015) Cisco 640-461 Actual Tests 151-160

By | April 27, 2015




Which protocol allows Cisco Unified Communications Manager to take control of a specific port on a gateway?


A.      SIP

B.      H.323

C.      Q.931

D.      MGCP


Correct Answer: D




Which two choices best describe call signaling and media flows? (Choose two.)


A.      a process used to connect two parties calling

B.      audio or video or both transferred between two parties during conversation

C.      protocol for end-to-end users

D.      a flow of audio and instant messaging

E.       all call control signals being delivered through a channel

F.       data telephony, over a data network such as the Internet


Correct Answer: AB




Which service allows the network to provide better or special services to a set of users and

applications at the expense of other users and applications?


A.      QoS

B.      dial plans

C.      route patterns

D.      dial peers


Correct Answer: A




Which option is the Cisco recommended mechanism for delivering voice payload?


A.      IntServ

B.      DiffServ

C.      policing

D.      shaping


Correct Answer: B




Which protocol should be enabled on a Cisco switch so that AutoQoS will be applied to

recognized Cisco IP phones?


A.      Cisco Discovery Protocol

B.      802.1Q

C.      Inter-Switch Link

D.      Transmission Control Protocol


Correct Answer: A




Which standard is applicable to prevent an unnecessary drop in QoS over an IP WAN connection?


A.      TCP/IP

B.      broadband Internet access

C.      H.450.3

D.      policy map


Correct Answer: C




Which three options are the correct methods to implement end users in Cisco Unified

Communications Manager? (Choose three.)


A.      manually

B.      DHCP

C.      bulk import using BAT

D.      TFTP

E.       LDAP synchronization

F.       autoregistration


Correct Answer: ACE




Which three models of configuration does Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express

support? (Choose three.)


A.      keyswitch

B.      PBX

C.      hybrid

D.      PSTN

E.       WAN

F.       voice gateway

G.      MOH


Correct Answer: ABC




Which file extension is used with the Bulk Administration Tool to automatically populate and insert data into the database when adding users in bulk?


A.      CSV

B.      RAR

C.      NTP

D.      TAR


Correct Answer: A




Of the fields listed, which two fields are required to successfully create a phone user in Cisco

Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two.)


A.      Last Name

B.      PIN (and confirmation PIN)

C.      Primary Extension

D.      User ID

Correct Answer: AD


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