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By | April 27, 2015




Which type of data file is used for bulk import of users into Cisco Unity Connection?


A.      .xls

B.      .doc

C.      .csv

D.      .pdf


Correct Answer: C




Which tool can be used to migrate and import users into Cisco Unity Connection?


A.      .xls

B.      COBRAS

C.      TFTP

D.      SFTP


Correct Answer: B




When creating users manually in Cisco Unity Connection, where is the user data maintained?


A.      IBM Informix database

B.      Local Cisco Unity Connection database

C.      LDAP

D.      Cisco Unified Communications Manager


Correct Answer: B




Refer to the exhibit. Which Cisco Unity Connection import method is being configured?




A.      CDR

B.      BAT

C.      LDAP

D.      COBRAS


Correct Answer: C




Which statement describes the reason that some of the user accounts that are imported from

Cisco Unified Communications Manager into Cisco Unity Connection using AXL do not appear in

the list of users that is found via AXL?


A.      The LDAP manager account password is incorrect.

B.      The DirSync service is not activated.

C.      The missing user accounts are not configured with a primary extension in the Cisco Unified

Communications database.

D.      The missing user accounts had the Do Not List In Directory setting checked.


Correct Answer: C




How many passwords are utilized for each user in Cisco Unity Connection?


A.      0

B.      1

C.      2

D.      3


Correct Answer: C




Refer to the exhibit. A user was imported to Cisco Unity Connection through LDAP integration. The user was later deleted from Active directory. What would happen to the user in Cisco Unity Connection?




A.      User would get purged immediately.

B.      User would be converted to a permanent Cisco Unity Connection legacy user in 24 hours.

C.      User would get purged in 24 hours.

D.      User would be converted to a permanent Cisco Unity Connection legacy user immediately.


Correct Answer: B




In which section of the user template is CoS configured in Cisco Unity Connection?


A.      Location

B.      Name

C.      Phone

D.      System


Correct Answer: C




What are three methods used by the administrator to integrate the LDAP directory in a corporate

organization? (Choose three.)


A.      User provisioning

B.      User authentication

C.      User lookup

D.      User login

E.       User password

F.       User default settings


Correct Answer: ABC




Which two steps in configuration must be completed to deploy Cisco Unified Personal

Communicator? (Choose two.)


A.      Each user must have a unique ID.

B.      The user ID is converted into a softphone device name.

C.      The users must power their PCs.

D.      Each user must provide a username and password.


Correct Answer: AB


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