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Which two steps are not necessary when enabling an end user for Cisco Unified Personal Communicator? (Choose two)


A.      Assign license capabilities

B.      Subscribe phone service

C.      Create a CSF device

D.      Configure the owner user ID


Correct Answer: BD




A new phone has been added to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager server. The phone display shows Your Current Options, but when the New Call softkey is pressed, no dial tone is heard and the call cannot be placed. What could be the cause of this issue?


A.      An incorrect MAC address has been entered for the new phone.

No directory number has been assigned to a line.

C.      The end user is not associated with the device.

D.      No calling search space has been configured on the line.

E.       An incorrect device pool has been configured on the phone.


Correct Answer: B




What Cisco client application allows administrators to interact with performance monitoring counters to assist in determining the overall health of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager server?


A.      Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration

B.      Cisco Unified Real-Time Monitoring Tool

C.      Cisco Unified OS Administration

D.      CAR Tool

E.       BAT Tool


Correct Answer: B




Which report can be generated by using the User Reports feature of the CAR tool?


A.      Traffic

B.      Top N

C.      Malicious Call Details

D.      CDR Error

E.       FAC/CMC


Correct Answer: B




After changes are made to an IP phone, which reset method is the fastest to bring the phone back into service?


A.      drop

B.      restart

C.      reset

D.      shutdown

E.       shut and no shut

Correct Answer: B




In which two locations can an end user configure their Call Forward All settings? (Choose two.)


A.      Cisco Unified Serviceability

B.      Cisco Unified Communications Manager User Options Interface

C.      Directly on the Cisco Unified IP phone

D.      Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration

E.       Cisco Unified User Serviceability


Correct Answer: BC





What is the quickest way to test the Cisco Unified Communications Manager configuration part of MWI to see if MWI On and MWI Off is working?


A.      Dial into Cisco Unity Connection from an IP phone. Enter the MWI On numbers, then enter the MWI Off numbers.

B.      Call a voice-mail user and ask them if their MWI light is on, and then disconnect the call. Call the user back and ask if the MWI light is off.

C.      In Unity Connection, issue the MWI Flash command to turn all MWI lights on, then off.

D.      If MWI numbers are dial able from an IP phone, dial the MWI On number. If the light comes on, then dial the MWI Off number to see if the light go
es off.

E.       MWI cannot be tested directly from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager or an IP phone.


Correct Answer: D




Which tools allow the administrator to migrate users from Cisco Unity to Cisco Unity Connection?


A.      Cisco Object Backup and Restore Application Suite

B.      Cisco Disaster Recovery Framework Tool

C.      Cisco Real Time Monitoring Tool

D.      Cisco Unity Serviceability Tool


Correct Answer: A




Which statement describes the difference between SIP and SCCP integration of Cisco Unity Connection?


A.      SCCP integrations cannot be secured

B.      SIP integrations do not need MWI configuration

C.      SCCP integrations do not need MWI configuration

D.      SIP integration cannot be secured


Correct Answer: B



Which is indicated as the calling number for a call that is placed from a remote destination to an internal directory number?


A.      the Mobile Voice Access number

B.      the number of the remote destination

C.      the directory number of the office phone with which the remote destination is associated

D.      the directory number of the called office phone, if is it associated with the calling remote destination


Correct Answer: C

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