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By | April 27, 2015




A phone is configured with an ephone-dn number of A100. Which CLI command is used in ephone-dn configuration mode to enable the Intercom feature to dial this phone?


A.      intercom extension A100

B.      intercom number A100

C.      intercom A100 enable

D.      intercom A100


Correct Answer: D




When creating a Cisco Unity Connection user template, which element should you configure to automatically play a “This department is closed” message at specific hours?


A.      greeting schedule

B.      extension greetings

C.      schedule

D.      active schedule


Correct Answer: D




In a Cisco UCM multisite WAN with centralized call-processing deployment model, what redundancy feature should be configured on remote site routers to provide basic IP telephony services in the event of a WAN outage?


A.      AAR

B.      SRST

C.      CAC

D.      V3PN


Correct Answer: B




Which three options are valid for creating users in Cisco Unity Connection? (Choose three.)


A.      manual creation

B.      bulk using *.csv file

C.      bulk using enterprise parameters

D.      Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability

E.       automatic creation through TUI by users dialing into voice mail

F.       import through Active Directory


Correct Answer: ABF




Refer to the exhibit. The exhibit shows a partial screen shot for a Cisco Unified Client Services Framework device. If the username that is associated with this device is jdoe, what should the device name be?




A.      The device name should be JDOEUPC.

B.      The device name should be UPCJDOE.

C.      The device name should be JDOE.

D.      The device name should be UPCCUPC.

E.       The device name does not need to relate to the user ID of the user for CSF device.


Correct Answer: E




After an IP phone has been added to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager server, the administrator notices that the phone has a directory number that is not in the number range in use by the organization. He also notes that the directory number is 1000. What is the most likely cause?


A.      The phone number was misconfigured.

B.      The phone may have auto-registered.

C.      The phone is configured on another server.

D.      DHCP gave the phone the wrong directory number

E.       TFTP server is misconfigured


Correct Answer: B




Which action must be taken for Cisco Unified Personal Communicator clients to access Cisco Unity Connection voice mail?


A.      Cisco Unity Connection must be integrated with LDAP.

B.      Cisco Unity Connection must be integrated with Cisco Unified Communications Manager using SIP integration.

C.      A Microsoft Exchange mailbox store must be configured in Cisco Unified Presence.

D.      IMAP must be enabled on Cisco Unity Connection for users that need to access voice mail through Cisco Unified Personal Communicator clients.

E.       Voice mail is automatically enabled for users who log in through Cisco Unified Personal Communicator clients.


Correct Answer: D




In which two ways can end users send an active call to the remote destination? (Choose two)


A.      using softkey in a softkey template

B.      with a feature button in a phone button template

C.      with a service URL associated with a phone service

D.      by dropping the call and calling both parties again

E.       by connecting the originator and the remote destination into a conference call


Correct Answer: AB





How can visibility of the presence-enabled speed dials be limited?


A.      presence groups

B.      Subscribe CSS

C.      calling search space

D.      partition


Correct Answer: A




What is a benefit of using FRF.12 in a Frame Relay network?


A.      provides a Layer 3 mechanism for reducing latency in the network

B.      fragments packets into equal sizes to reduce fixed-network delay

C.      reduces delay and jitter by expediting the transfer of smaller frames through the hardware transmit queue

D.      eliminates the need for prioritization of delay-sensitive traffic


Correct Answer: C


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