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Which two options are features in Cisco Unified Presence? (Choose two.)


A.      IP Phone Messenger

B.      Native Presence

C.      BLF speed-dial

D.      Enterprise Instant Messaging

E.       BLF speed-dial pickup


Correct Answer: AD




Which level of users in Cisco Unified Communications Manager CDR Analysis and Reporting an generate reports for quality of service?


A.      administrators

B.      managers

C.      auditors

D.      individual users


Correct Answer: B




When performing backups within Cisco Unified Communications Manager, which component stores backups on a remote SFTP server?


A.      Local Agent

B.      Master Agent

C.      Scheduler

D.      Backup Controller


Correct Answer: B




Which Cisco IOS command should you use to view the configuration of voice dial peer 911?


A.      show dialplan dialpeer 911

B.      show dialplan number 911

C.      show dial-peer voice 911

D.      show event-manager consumers 911


Correct Answer: C




Which type of server is used to deliver the configuration to an IP phone?


A.      TFTP

B.      DHCP

C.      FTP

D.      Cisco Discovery Protocol


Correct Answer: A


An end user reports that they are unable to control their Cisco IP phone using Cisco Unified Personal Communicator and cannot make any calls. Which situation can cause this issue?


A.      The Cisco Unified Personal Communicator is not registered in the Cisco Unified Presence server.

B.      The LDAP integration is incorrect.

C.      The Cisco Unified Personal Communicator is configured in desk-phone mode.

D.      The Allow Control of Device from CTI checkbox in the device configuration on Cisco Unified Communications Manager is disabled.

E.       The Allow Control of Device from CTI checkbox in the device configuration on the Cisco Unified Presence is disabled.


Correct Answer: D




To obtain CDR information, which application is used?


A.      Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration

B.      Cisco Unified Serviceability

C.      Cisco Unified Operating System Administration

D.      Disaster Recovery System

E.       Cisco Unified Communications Manager Call Detail Record Analysis and Reporting tool

F.       Cisco Unified Reporting


Correct Answer: E




Which two protocols are used by Cisco Unified Presence? (Choose two.)



B.      XMPP

C.      SCCP

D.      PPPoX

E.       IMPP


Correct Answer: AB



What are the two differences between the IntServe and DiffServ models of QoS? (Choose two.)


A.      DiffServ provides absolute QoS guarantees.

B.      IntServ is the default QoS mechanism for all routers, because applications signal the router with the QoS level they require.

C.      DiffServ inherits the connection-oriented approach from telephony network design. Every individual communication must explicitly specify its traffic descriptor and requested resources to the network.

D.      With IntServ, packet delivery is guaranteed. However, the use of IntServ can severely limit the scalability of a network.

E.       DiffServ was designed to overcome the limitations of both the best-effort and IntServ models and can provide an “almost guaranteed” QoS.


Correct Answer: DE

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