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By | April 27, 2015




Which statement about the impact of configuring a single SSID to support TKIP and AES

encryption simultaneously is true?


A.      The overhead associated with supporting both encryption methods significantly degrades

client throughput.

B.      Some wireless client drivers might not handle complex SSID settings and may be unable to

associate to the WLAN.

C.      This configuration is unsupported and the Cisco Wireless Control System generates alarms

continuously until the configuration is corrected.

D.      This configuration is common for migrating from WPA to WPA2. No problem is associated

with using this configuration.


Correct Answer: B




When the pre-shared key authentication method is used for WPA or WPA2, for which two

functions is the pre-shared key used? (Choose two.)


A.      to act as the Group Transient Key during the bidirectional handshake

B.      to act as the Pairwise Master Key during the bidirectional handshake

C.      to derive the nonce at each side of the exchange

D.      to derive the Pairwise Transient Key


Correct Answer: BD




When using the CLI command eping, configured for auto-anchor mobility wireless guest access,

which type of packet is tested?


A.      data packets

B.      mobility unencrypted packets

C.      mobility encrypted packets

D.      SNMP control packets

E.       NTP control packets


Correct Answer: A




When a wireless guest network is implemented using auto-anchor mobility in a controller-based

wireless network, which controller is responsible for a guest client’s IP address and their security



A.      any controller that supports the same VLAN

B.      foreign controller

C.      anchor controller

D.      master controller

E.       RF group master controller


Correct Answer: C




You have a small organization with multiple Cisco WCS servers. Management has become

cumbersome and you are planning to deploy Cisco WCS Navigator. When the Cisco WCS

Navigator has been deployed, how are the existing Cisco WCS servers added to the Cisco WCS

Navigator, which software versions are supported, and which protocol(s) do they use to

communicate with Navigator?


A.      Cisco WCS Navigator searches the enterprise intranet to locate the existing Cisco WCS servers

and adds them automatically using SOAP as long as there is only a difference of one version

or less between Cisco WCS and WCS Navigator.

B.      Each existing Cisco WCS server must be added manually and use SOAP/HTTP to communicate

with the Cisco WCS Navigator platform as long as the software versions of Cisco WCS and

Cisco WCS Navigator are the same.

C.      Cisco WCS must be on the same software version as Cisco WCS Navigator and each Cisco

WCS server is added automatically using XML over HTTP.

D.      When Cisco WCS Navigator is added, all the Cisco WCS servers must be added manually, each

system must use the same software release as Navigator, and the Cisco WCS communicates

with Cisco WCS Navigator by using SOAP/XML over HTTPS.


Correct Answer: D




Which two features are available in the Cisco WCS Plus license over the base license?

(Choose two.)


A.      ad hoc rogue detection

B.      high availability between two Cisco WCS stations

C.      mobility service engine management

D.      auto discovery and containment or notification of rogue APs

E.       client location to the nearest AP


Correct Answer: BC













Refer to the exhibit. Cisco WCS version 7.0 has a configuration mismatch with what is actually

running in the controller. Which menu leads to the Audit Status Report?




A.      Security

B.      Monitor

C.      Configure

D.      Services

E.       Administration

F.       Tools


Correct Answer: C


















Refer to the exhibit. If Cisco WCS version 7.0 needs to have APs added, relocated, or removed on a respective map, which menu leads to the correct location to make that adjustment?




A.      Security

B.      Monitor

C.      Configure

D.      Services

E.       Administration

F.       Tools


Correct Answer: B


















Refer to the exhibit. You made a manual configuration change to a controller and now you need

to compare the controller configuration seen on Cisco WCS to the configuration that is present in

the controller. Which menu can you use to do compare the configurations?




A.      Reports

B.      Monitor

C.      Configure

D.      Services

E.       Administration

F.       Tools


Correct Answer: C

















Refer to the exhibit. Which two menus do you click to determine the reachability status of a

controller from Cisco WCS? (Choose two.)




A.      Monitor

B.      Reports

C.      Configure

D.      Services

E.       Administration

F.       Tools


Correct Answer: AC


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