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A WLAN deployment uses a combination of Cisco Aironet 1260 APs and multiple Cisco 5500

Wireless LAN Controllers to provide wireless LAN access to end-users. The network administrator

has decided to use DHCP Option 43 to enable the APs to discover the wireless LAN controllers.

When configuring the DHCP scope, which format should be used for the Cisco WLC addresses?


A.      a comma-separated ASCII string of Cisco WLC AP-manager addresses

B.      a comma-separated ASCII string of Cisco WLC management addresses

C.      a comma-separated ASCII string of Cisco WLC virtual IP addresses

D.      a hexadecimal string of Cisco WLC AP-manager addresses

E.       a hexadecimal string of Cisco WLC management addresses

F.       a hexadecimal string of Cisco WLC virtual IP addresses


Correct Answer: E




Which interface is considered a dynamic interface?


A.      the virtual interface

B.      the AP manager interface

C.      the LAG interface

D.      the management interface

E.       the service port interface

F.       a WLAN client data interface


Correct Answer: F




Which three items do you need to establish a wireless connection to an enterprise wireless

network? (Choose three.)


A.      SSID name

B.      RF channel

C.      RF signal

D.      802.1X/EAP credentials

E.       pre-shared key

F.       web page

G.      WPA/WPA2 settings


Correct Answer: ACD




You have brought your MacBook Pro running OS 10.6 to work and intend use the enterprise

wireless network. This network is using EAP-FAST and 2.4 GHz for data and 5 GHz for VoWLAN.

Which statement about the laptop configuration and wireless connection is true?


A.      Install a USB wireless adapter and configure.

B.      Install Apple EAP-Fast plug-in and configure.

C.      Install Cisco AnyConnect v2.4 and configure.

D.      Configure Apple network preferences for EAP-FAST.

E.       The laptop does not support EAP-FAST and will be unable to connect.

F.       The laptop only supports 5 GHz and will be unable to connect.


Correct Answer: D




Which Cisco AnyConnect module allows troubleshooting for core Cisco AnyConnect problems?


A.      telemetry

B.      web security

C.      VPN

D.      NAM

E.       DART

F.       posture

G.      CSSC


Correct Answer: E




Which Cisco AnyConnect module provides wireless connectivity?


A.      telemetry

B.      web security

C.      VPN

D.      NAM

E.       DART

F.       posture

G.      CSSC


Correct Answer: D




Which option is needed to earn the Cisco Compatible credential for Cisco Compatible Extensions



A.      Foundation and Management are required.

B.      Location and Management are required.

C.      Foundation and Location are required.

D.      Foundation and Voice are required.

E.       Voice is required.

F.       Foundation is required.

G.      Location is required.

H.      Management is required.


Correct Answer: F




In a typical wireless network using WPA, WPA2 or VPN, why is it still possible for a rogue client to

launch a DOS attack?


A.      WPA and WPA2 are not considered strong encryption algorithms and are easily cracked.

B.      802.11 management frames are easily compr

C.      Cisco Compatible Extensions v5 are required with WPA, WPA2, or VPN to keep rogues from

launching attacks in the wireless network.

D.      The message integrity check frames are never encrypted or authenticated, which allows

rogues to spoof clients.


Correct Answer: B




Strong security is required, but a centralized RADIUS authenticator has not been implemented.

Which two steps must you take to provide maximum security when using a pre-shared key?

(Choose two.)


A.      Change the TKIP on a weekly basis.

B.      Use a key that includes mixed-case letters, numbers, and symbols with a length greater than

10 characters.

C.      Use only with WPA and WPA2, following proper strong key guidelines.

D.      Use the longest possible WEP key in your security policy.


Correct Answer: BC




What is the impact of configuring a single SSID to support TKIP and AES encryption



A.      The overhead associated with supporting both encryption methods degrades client

throughput significantly.

B.      Some wireless client drivers might not handle complex SSID settings and may be unable to

associate to the WLAN.

C.      This configuration is unsupported and the Cisco Wireless Control System generates alarms

continuously until the configuration is corrected.

D.      This configuration is common for migrating from WPA to WPA2. No problem is associated

with using this configuration.


Correct Answer: B


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