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Which key is established using the four-way handshake during the WPA authentication process?


A.      Pairwise Master Key

B.      Pairwise Multiple Key

C.      Pairwise Session Key

D.      Pairwise Transient Key

E.       Pairwise Transverse Key


Correct Answer: D






What are four features of WPA? (Choose four.)


A.      a larger initialization vector, increased to 48 bits

B.      a message integrity check protocol to prevent forgeries

C.      authenticated key management using 802.1X

D.      support for a key caching mechanism

E.       unicast and broadcast key management

F.       requires AES-CCMP


Correct Answer: ABCE




When the enterprise-based authentication method is used for WPA2, a bidirectional handshake

exchange occurs between the client and the authenticator. Which five options are results of that

exchange being used on a controller-based network? (Choose five.)


A.      a bidirectional exchange of a nonce used for key generation

B.      binding of a Pairwise Master Key at the client and the controller

C.      creation of the Pairwise Transient Key

D.      distribution of the Group Transient Key

E.       distribution of the Pairwise Master key for caching at the access point

F.       proof that each side is alive


Correct Answer: ABCDF




When a guest client is authenticated, which type of connection is created between the

controller-based AP and the client?


A.      as SSL connection

B.      a TLS encrypted tunnel

C.      an unsecured connection

D.      a 802.1x/EAP tunnel

E.       an IPsec tunnel


Correct Answer: C







Refer to the exhibit. Which GUI item do you click to configure authentication and authorization in

Cisco WCS?




A.      Security

B.      Monitor

C.      Configure

D.      Services

E.       Administration

F.       Tools


Correct Answer: E




When adding a controller to manage through Cisco WCS, which address type is used and which

SNMP function does the Cisco WCS perform?


A.      The controller is managed through its MAC address and the Cisco WCS acts as a SNMP TRAP


B.      The IP address of the controller is used and the Cisco WCS acts as a SNMP TRAP receiver.

C.      The controller is managed through its MAC address and the Cisco WCS acts as a SNMP agent.

D.      The controller connects through its MAC address to the Cisco WCS and the Cisco WCS uses the SNMP to manage the controller for all configured SNMP parameters.


Correct Answer: B




Which three severity levels are in the Cisco WCS alarm dashboard? (Choose three.)


A.      Critical

B.      Flash

C.      Major

D.      Minor

E.       Trivial

F.       Urgent


Correct Answer: ACD




The existing Cisco Unified Wireless Controller is running version 7.0 code for both the controllers

and the Cisco WCS. A controller has been configured with an appropriate rogue rule condition to

report discovered APs to the Cisco WCS. Which default alarm level is used to display all rogue APs

in the Alarm Summary?


A.      Critical

B.      Flash

C.      Urgent

D.      Major

E.       Minor


Correct Answer: E




Which Cisco WCS tool allows you to view current reports, open specific types of reports, create

and save new
reports, and manage scheduled runs?


A.      Reports menu

B.      Reports launch page

C.      Scheduled Run results

D.      saved reports


Correct Answer: B








Which path do you take to manage the results of a report that had been run on network



A.      Reports > Report Launch Pad > Device > Utilization

B.      Reports > Report Launch Pad > Scheduled Run Results

C.      Reports > Saved Reports > Scheduled Run Results

D.      Reports > Scheduled Run Results


Correct Answer: D


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