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Which two techniques can reduce voice packet transfer delay across a link of less than 512 kbps? (Choose two.)


A.      deploy LFI

B.      increase link bandwidth

C.      extend the trust boundary

D.      deploy software compression

E.       increase queue depth


Correct Answer: AB




Your company uses OSPF for internal routing. The company will be connected to VendorA via a single dedicated link and to VendorB via redundant dedicated links. Both vendors also use OSPF for internal routing. Which of the following deployments describes the best intra-domain routing practice in this situation?


A.      Redistribute the routes on each link between your company and the vendors to a shared EIGRP routing protocol.

B.      Use IBGP to reach VendorA and EBGP to reach VendorB.

C.      Use static routes to reach VendorA and EBGP to reach VendorB.

D.      Use static routes to reach both VendorA and VendorB.

E.       Connect your company to both VendorA and VendorB using existing OSPF.


Correct Answer: C




Which statement can a network designer use to describe route summarization to an IT manager?


A.      It is the grouping of ISP network addresses to minimize the number of routes to the Internet.

B.      It is the grouping of multiple discontiguous subnets to increase routing performance.

C.      It is the grouping of multiple contiguous networks and advert
ising as one large network.

D.      It is the grouping of multiple contiguous subnets into one Class A, B, or C IP address to minimize routing table size.


Correct Answer: C




Refer to the exhibit. All primary links are T1s. The customer wants to have a backup to each remote office from the Headquarters office. Which two types of backup links would be viable solutions? (Choose two.)




A.      dial backup routing

B.      shadow SVC

C.      permanent secondary WAN link

D.      VPDN


Correct Answer: AC




A Cisco SONA architecture layer is described as follows:


Ÿ   The layer’s IT resources are interconnected across a converged network foundation.

Ÿ   The layer’s IT resources include servers, storage, and clients. The layer represents how resources exist across the network.


The customer objective for the layer is to have anywhere/anytime connectivity. Which Cisco SONA architecture layer is being described?


A.      Application

B.      Integrated Transport

C.      Physical

D.      Networked Infrastructure

E.       Interactive Services


Correct Answer: D




Which information should a network summary report identify?


A.      actions needed to support the existing network

B.      customer requirements

C.      new network features

D.      customer requirement modifications

E.       actions needed to support existing network features

F.       infrastructure shortcomings


Correct Answer: F




Given a VoIP network with these attributes:


Ÿ   Codec: G.711

Ÿ   WAN bandwidth: 768Kbps

Ÿ   Packet Header: 6 bytes

Ÿ   Payload: 160 bytes

Ÿ   CRTP: No


How many calls can be made?


A.      7 calls

B.      13 calls

C.      8 calls

D.      9 calls

E.       11 calls


Correct Answer: E







What are three valid methods of gathering information about an existing data network? (Choose three.)


A.      Use organizational input.

B.      Analyze the user-mapping of a running application.

C.      Perform a traffic analysis.

D.      Perform a packet-level audit to verify carrier service guarantees.

E.       Use reports that analyze the metrics of the customer’s existing network.

F.       Perform a network audit to gather more detail about the network.


Correct Answer: CEF




Which two of these are required for wireless client mobility deployment when using a Cisco Unified Wireless Network? (Choose two.)


A.      matching RF power

B.      matching security

C.      assigned master controller

D.      matching mobility group name

E.       matching RF channel

F.       matching RF group name


Correct Answer: BD




In the Cisco branch office design, what categorizes an office as large?


A.      between 50 and 100 users and a single-tier design

B.      between 100 and 200 users and a three-tier design

C.      between 50 and 100 users and a three-tier design

D.      over 200 users and a two-tier design

E.       between 100 and 200 users and a two-tier design


Correct Answer: B


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