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Refer to the exhibit. Model A is the recommended design for routing between Building Distribution switches and Campus Core switches. Which two statements describe the reasons? (Choose two)




A.      Model A uses timer-based non-deterministic convergence.

B.      Mode A uses timer-based, providing fast convergence to the remaining path.

C.      In Model A, a link or box failure does not require routing protocol convergence.

D.      In Model A, the Layer 3 redundant equal cost links support fast convergence.


Correct Answer: CD






Which one of these statements is true concerning the enterprise data center?


A.      It can be located either at the enterprise campus or at a remote branch.

B.      Remote data center connectivity requirements align with the small office design.

C.      The data center designs will differ substantially depending on whether the location is on campus or remote.

D.      A remote branch with a data center becomes the enterprise campus.


Correct Answer: C




Which Cisco security management solution provides the means to identify, isolate, and counter security threats to the network?


A.      Adaptive Security Device Manager

B.      Intrusion Prevention Device Manager

C.      Security Device Manager

D.      Cisco Security Manager

E.       Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System


Correct Answer: E




A global corporation has an internal network with the following characteristics:


Ÿ   2,000,000+ hosts

Ÿ   10,000 + routers

Ÿ   Internal connectivity

Ÿ   high traffic volumes with business partners and customers


Which statement best describes what a flexible IPv6 strategy would look like for this corporation?


A.      Both hosts and routers would run dual stack

B.      Hosts would run IPv4 and routers would run native IPv6

C.      Hosts would run dual stack and routers would run IPv4 only

D.      Hosts would run IPv6 and routers would run native IPv6


Correct Answer: A





Which of these is the best routing deployment for a single dedicated link to an ISP for Internet access?


A.      EIGRP

B.      RIP

C.      BGP

D.      Static

E.       OSPF


Correct Answer: D




In terms of remote office design, which one of these statements is a characteristics only of a small remote office (up to 50 user), and not of medium or remote offices?


A.      Link redundancy to access layer switches is not possible with an integrated design.

B.      A collapsed access and distribution layer is required.

C.      There are no loops in the network design.

D.      Layer 3 services such as DHCP, firewall, and NAT are provided by enterprise campus.


Correct Answer: C




Which two statements about the data Center Aggregation layer are correct? (Choose two)


A.      Layer 4 through layer 7 services are provided in that layer

B.      STP should never be supported in that layer

C.      That layer is the critical point for control and application services

D.      Layer 2 connectivity is provided in that layer from the data center to the core


Correct Answer: AC




According to Cisco, which four improvements are the main benefits of the PPDIOO lifecycle approach to network design? (Choose four)


A.      faster ROI

B.      improved business agility

C.      increased network availability

D.      faster access to applications and services

E.       lower total cost of network ownership

F.       better implementation team engagement


Correct Answer: BCDE




With respect to IPv6 addressing, from a design perspective, which of these statements is it important to keep in mind?


A.      IPv6 addressing provides convenience of anycast addressing without any configuration requirements.

B.      IPv6 does not use multicast addressing.

C.      An IPv6 router will not forward packets from one link to other links if the packet has either a link- local source or a link-local destination address.

D.      Dynamic address assignment requires DHCPv6.


Correct Answer: C




When designing the infrastructure protection portion for the enterprise edge, which of these solutions would be the most appropriate solution to consider?


A.      802. IX

B.      ACLs in the core layer

C.      Cisco Security MARS

D.      AAA


Correct Answer: D


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