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You are designing IPv6 into an existing IPv4 network. Which two strategies can you use to allow both address schemes to coexist, thus facilitating migration? (Choose two)


A.      translate one protocol into the other

B.      redistribute between IPv6-capable and non-IPv6-capable routing protocols

C.      encapsulate IPv6 packets within IPv4 packets

D.      bridge between the IPv6 and IPv4 networks

E.       enable anycast capability in the routing protocol


Correct Answer: AC




A network is being designed to meet the requirements listed.


Within the enterprise network:


Ÿ   All routers are Cisco 3800 Series routers running the latest Cisco IOS release.

Ÿ   The fastest convergence time possible is required.

Ÿ   Unequal cost load-balancing is required.


For Internet connections:


Ÿ   A single link is used to connect to a single ISP.


Which two routing protocols should be used? (Choose two.)


A.      Use Internal BGP as the IGP within the enterprise.

B.      Use Static (Default) routing between the enterprise and the ISP.

C.      Use OSPF as the IGP within the enterprise.

D.      Use EIGRP as the IGP within the enterprise.

E.       Use EIGRP between the enterprise and the ISP.

F.       Use External BGP between the enterprise and the ISP.


Correct Answer: BD




Which two statements best describe Cisco Wireless LAN Guest Access in a Cisco Unified Wireless Network? (Choose two.)


A.      Dedicated guest VLANs are only extended to the wireless controllers in the network to ensure path isolation.

B.      Guest tunnels have limitations on which wireless controllers can originate the tunnel.

C.      Dedicated guest VLANs are extended throughout the network to the access points for path isolation.

D.      Guest tunnels can originate and terminate on any wireless controller platform.

E.       Guest tunnels have limitations on which wireless controllers can terminate the tunnel.

F.       Dedicated guest access in the DMZ extends from the origination to the termination controllers without dedicated guest VLANs.


Correct Answer: EF



Which technology is IPsec required for a site-to-site enterprise WAN/MAN architecture?


A.      self-deployed MPLS

B.      ATM

C.      Frame Relay


E.       ISP Service


Correct Answer: E




Refer to the exhibit. Which statement accurately represents the characteristics of the core layer in this design?




A.      Access lists should be used in the core to perform packet manipulation.

B.      QoS should be performed only in the core.

C.      Load balancing should never be implemented or used in the core.

D.      It is acceptable to use a partial mesh in the core if it is connected to each device by multiple paths.

E.       Policy-based traffic control is implemented in the core to enable prioritization, ensuring the best performance for all time-critical applications.


Correct Answer: D




What does Cisco recommend as the foundation of any deployed security solution?


A.      Customer needs

B.      Security audit

C.      Service-level agreement

D.      Corporate security policy


Correct Answer: D




What is the administrative distance of eBGP routes?


A.      200

B.      100

C.      20

D.      110


Correct Answer: C




Which name is for the Cisco product that provides centralized, policy-based security management?


A.      IDS

B.      Out-of-band management

C.      AAA

D.      CSPM


Correct Answer: D




Which statement represents a likely starting point for planning network changes?


A.      Protocol assessment

B.      Determining the design requirements

C.      Determining the business needs

D.      Determining the application requirements

Correct Answer: D




What does IGMP stand for?


A.      Internet Group Management Protocol

B.      Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

C.      Interior Group Management Protocol

D.      Interior Gateway Media Protocol


Correct Answer: A

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