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By | April 27, 2015




Which mechanism will be often used by service providers to define their service offerings and to differentiate their services from their competitors?


A.      SLM

B.      SLA

C.      SLC

D.      SAA


Correct Answer: B




What is the virtual information store used within SNMP called?


A.      MIB

B.      RMON

C.      Protocol data unit (PDU)

D.      Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)


Correct Answer: A




Which standard language will be used by SNMP to define the device information to be stored?


A.      SNMPv4

B.      ASN.1

C.      MIBs

D.      Agents


Correct Answer: B




Which WAN scenario might be appropriate for queuing solutions?


A.      A newly implemented WAN connection has yet to demonstrate sufficient WAN statistics for congestion- level tracking.

B.      A WAN connection features consistent congestion problems, and data transfers often suffer.

C.      A WAN connection is rarely congested, and data transfers never suffer.

D.      A WAN connection features occasional periods of congestion, and data transfers have occasionally suffered as a result.


Correct Answer: D




Your boss is interested in a wireless WAN solution which provides higher bandwidth than point-to-multipoint (p2mp) wireless. Which description is correct?


A.      Service providers cannot install point-to-point (p2p) links from a p2mp hub.

B.      P2p wireless connections can provide up to 44 Mbps raw bandwidth.

C.      P2p links tend to be slower than p2mp.

D.      P2mp wireless connections can provide up to 1.544 Mbps raw bandwidth.


Correct Answer: B




Examine the following protocols, which two are used for IP Security?


A.      Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) and Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX) (EIGRP)

B.      Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

C.      Authentication Header (AH) and Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP)

D.      Virtual Private Dial-Up Network (VPDN) and GRE


Correct Answer: C




What is SNMP?


A.      Simple Network Management Protocol

B.      Simple Network Monitoring Protocol

C.      Sampling Network Management Process

D.      Simple Network Maintenance Procedure


Correct Answer: A




When building Global network businesses, which three principles should be used?


A.      Customer focus, continuous standardization, and core versus context

B.      Customer focus, centralization, and core versus context

Customer focus, decentralization, and core versus edge

D.      Customer focus, decentralization, and core versus context

Correct Answer: A




For the following items, which component of the CiscoWorks product allows a network administrator to define and manage service levels?


A.      Service assurance agent (SAA)

B.      Service level manager (SLM)

C.      Collection Manager (CM)

D.      Service level agreement (SLA)


Correct Answer: B




NAT-PT is an IPv6-IPv4 translation mechanism. What is NAT-PT?


A.      Network address translation – translates RFC 1918 addresses to public IPv4 addresses

B.      Network address translation-protocol translation; translates between IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

C.      Next address translation? Next port translation

D.      Network addressable transparent- translates network addresses to ports


Correct Answer: B


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