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Refer to the exhibit. What is a reasonable conclusion?




A.      The maximum number of TCP connections that the host can establish will be 146608.

B.      All the connections from the have completed the TCP three-way handshake.

C.      The hosts are generating a vast number of outgoing connections, probably due to a virus.

D.      The host on the inside is under a SYN flood attack.

E.       The host operations on the inside look normal.


Correct Answer: C




By default, how does the Cisco ASA authenticate itself to the Cisco ASDM users?


A.      The administrator validates the Cisco ASA by examining the factory built-in identity certificate thumbprint of the Cisco ASA.

B.      The Cisco ASA automatically creates and uses a persistent self-signed X.509 certificate to authenticate itself to the administrator.

C.      The Cisco ASA automatically creates a self-signed X.509 certificate on each reboot to authenticate itself to the administrator.

D.      The Cisco ASA and the administrator use a mutual password to authenticate each other.

E.       The Cisco ASA authenticates itself to the administrator using a one-time password.

Correct Answer: C




When will a Cisco ASA that is operating in transparent firewall mode perform a routing table lookup instead of a MAC address table lookup to determine the outgoing interface of a packet?


A.      if multiple context mode is configured

B.      if the destination MAC address is unknown

C.      if the destination is more than a hop away from the Cisco ASA

D.      if NAT is configured

E.       if dynamic ARP inspection is configured


Correct Answer: D




Which flag not shown in the output of the show conn command is used to indicate that an initial SYN packet is from the outside (lower security-level interface)?




A.      B

B.      D

C.      b

D.      A

E.       a

F.       i

G.      I

H.      O


Correct Answer: A




Which statement about the default ACL logging behavior of the Cisco ASA is true?


A.      The Cisco ASA generates system message 106023 for each denied packet when a deny ACE is configured.

B.      The Cisco ASA generates system message 106023 for each packet that matched an ACE.

C.      The Cisco ASA generates system message 106100 only for the first packet that ma
tched an ACE.

D.      The Cisco ASA generates system message 106100 for each packet that matched an ACE.

E.       No ACL logging is enabled by default.


Correct Answer: A




Which Cisco ASA feature enables the ASA to do these two things?


1.         Act as a proxy for the server and generate a SYN-ACK response to the client SYN request.

2.         When the Cisco ASA receives an ACK back from the client, the Cisco ASA authenticates the client and allows the connection to the server.


A.      TCP normalizer

B.      TCP state bypass

C.      TCP intercept

D.      basic threat detection

E.       advanced threat detection

F.       botnet traffic filter


Correct Answer: C




Which option is not supported when the Cisco ASA is operating in transparent mode and also is using multiple security contexts?


A.      NAT

B.      shared interface

C.      security context resource management

D.      Layer 7 inspections

E.       failover


Correct Answer: B










Refer to the exhibit. What does the * next to the CTX security context indicate?




A.      The CTX context is the active context on the Cisco ASA.

B.      The CTX context is the standby context on the Cisco ASA.

C.      The CTX context contains the system configurations.

The CTX context has the admin role.


Correct Answer: D




Which Cisco ASA feature is implemented by the ip verify reverse-path interface interface_name command?


A.      uRPF

B.      TCP intercept

C.      botnet traffic filter

D.      scanning threat detection

E.       IPS (IP audit)


Correct Answer: A




In one custom dynamic application, the inside client connects to an outside server using TCP port 4444 and negotiates return client traffic in the port range of 5000 to 5500. The server then starts streaming UDP data to the client on the nego
tiated port in the specified range. Which Cisco ASA feature or command supports this custom dynamic application?


A.      TCP normalizer

B.      TCP intercept

C.      ip verify command

D.      established command

E.       tcp-map and tcp-options commands

F.       set connection advanced-options command

Correct Answer: D


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