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Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements are correct regarding the routes to be redistributed into OSPF? (Choose two.)



A.  The network will be allowed and assigned a metric of 100.

B.  The network will be allowed and assigned a metric of 200.

C.  All networks except will be allowed and assigned a metric of 200.

D.  The network will be allowed and assigned a metric of 200.

E.  The network will be allowed and assigned a metric of 200.


Correct Answer: AC




Into which two types of areas would an area border router (ABR) inject a default route? (Choose two.)


A.       stub

B.       the autonomous system of an exterior gateway protocol (EGP)

C.       NSSA

D.      totally stubby

E.       the autonomous system of a different interior gateway protocol (IGP)

F.        area 0


Correct Answer: AD




What two situations could require the use of multiple routing protocols? (Choose two)


A.       when using UNIX host-based routers

B.       when smaller broadcast domains are desired

C.       because having multiple routing protocols confuses hackers

D.      when migrating from an older Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) to a new IGP

E.       when all equipment is manufactured by Cisco

F.        when there are multiple paths to destination networks


Correct Answer: AD












Refer to the exhibit. Why is the network not used as the gateway of last resort even though it is configured first?




A.  The last default-network statement will always be preferred.

B.  A route to the network does not exist in the routing table.

C.  Default-network selection will always prefer the statement with the lowest IP address.

D.  A router will load balance across multiple default-networks; repeatedly issuing the show ip route command would show the gateway of last resort changing between the two networks.


Correct Answer: B




Which two methods use IPsec to provide secure connectivity from the branch office to the headquarters office? (Choose two.)


A.       DMVPN

B.       MPLS VPN

C.       Virtual Tunnel Interface (VTI)

D.      SSL VPN

E.       PPPoE


Correct Answer: AC



What is the purpose of configuring the router as a PPPoE client?


A.       to provide VPN access over L2TP

B.       to enable PPP session from the router to the termination device at the headend for metro Ethernet connectivity

C.       for DSL connectivity and removing the need for the end-user PC to run the PPPoE client software

D.      for connecting the router to a cable modem, which bridges the Ethernet frames from the router to the cable modem termination system


Correct Answer: C




What is the international standard for transmitting data over a cable system?


A.       PPPoE

B.       DOCSIS

C.       CMTS

D.      AAL5


Correct Answer: B




Under which circumstance will a branch ISR router contain interface vlan configurations?


A.       performing inter-VLAN routing

B.       performing 802.1Q trunking

C.       performing ISL trunking

D.      Ethernet Switch Module installed

E.       ADSL WIC installed

F.        running Call Manager Express


Correct Answer: D






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Refer to the exhibit. How would you confirm on R1 that load balancing is actually occurring on the default-network (




A.       Use ping and the show ip route command to confirm the timers for each default network resets to 0.

B.       Load balancing does not occur over default networks; the second route will only be used for failover.

C.       Use an extended ping along with repeated show ip route commands to confirm the gateway of last resort address toggles back and forth.

D.       Use the traceroute command to an address that is not explicitly in the routing table.


Correct Answer: D




Refer to the exhibit. Based upon the configuration, you need to understand why the policy routing match counts are not increasing. Which would be the first logical step to take?



A.       Confirm if there are other problematic route-map statements that precede divert.

B.       Check the access list for log hits.

C.       Check the routing table for

D.      Remove any two of the set clauses. (Multiple set clause entries will cause PBR to use the routing table.)


Correct Answer: B


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