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By | April 28, 2015





When designing a collapsed core data center, which two technologies are used to virtualize the core and aggregation layers? (Choose two.)


A.      FCoE

B.      LISP

C.      HSRP

D.      VDC

E.       VRF


Correct Answer: DE




The classical aggregation layer design does not provide isolation on the control plane and on the data plane. What is the solution to this problem?


A.      STP

B.      VDC

C.      Cisco ISO ISSU

D.      HSRP


Correct Answer: B




The classical access layer has its limitations due to a high value in which of the following items?


A.      oversubscription

B.      jitter

C.      cost

D.      10 Gigabit Ethernet links


Correct Answer: A




Your customer is designing a new data center and would like the aggregation layer to be able to route and have Layer 3 capability. What Cisco platform will meet this requirement?


A.      Cisco Nexus 1000v

B.      Cisco Nexus 5596 without Layer 3 daughter card

C.      Cisco MDS 9506 chassis with supervisor engine

D.      Cisco Nexus 7010 switch with Enterprise Services Package

Correct Answer: D




Which technology provides additional scalability and simplification of an Ethernet network, providing more efficient forwarding and eliminating the need for the Spanning Tree Protocol?


A.      OTV

B.      vPC

C.      PVST+

D.      Fabr


Correct Answer: D




Which technology provides the ability to use all links in a LAN topology by providing an active-active path to the upstream switch?


A.      STP

B.      vPC

C.      PVST+

D.      RSTP


Correct Answer: B




Classical aggregation layer designs do not provide isolation of the control and data planes. What provides a solution to this limitation?


A.      STP

B.      VDC

C.      ISSU

D.      HSRP


Correct Answer: B




What introduces unique implications into the overall Data Center aggregation layer design? (Choose Three.)


A.      High-speed switching fabric with a high forwarding rate

B.      Over-subscription values

C.      Service Modules

D.      IP routing

E.       WAN

F.       Internet Edge


Correct Answer: ABC




What are the benefits of an Adapter FEX?


A.      requires fewer adapters, cables, network ports, and network devices

B.      provides the ability to VMware VMotion across data centers

C.      reduces complexity in the data center

D.      works with the IEEE 802.1RB standard


Correct Answer: A




Spanning Tree Protocol runs at which functional layer of the data center?


A.      core layer

B.      access layer

C.      application layer

D.      network layer


Correct Answer: B


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