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In which two ways can Cisco Show and Share benefit customers? (Choose two.)


A.      captures media from various inputs for live and on-demand delivery to viewers

B.      offers the best means for customers and users to experience an immersive environment

C.      enables customers to receive viewer comments and ratings of video content

D.      personalizes connections between customers and their providers and partners

E.       provides post-production capabilities for video composition and authoring


Correct Answer: CD




Which two options are benefits of Cisco Video Surveillance? (Choose two.)


A.      secure transcoding and switching capabilities for multipoint meetings

B.      access to video at any time from any network location, enabling real-time incident response and investigation

C.      network-based digital signage for live and on-demand video

D.      limited amount and location of video that can be stored

E.       ability to easily manage a large number of security assets


Correct Answer: BE




In which two situations is it more beneficial to position a Cisco Nexus Series 7000 Switch rather than a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch? (Choose two.)


A.      if Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch is the traditional platform

B.      when putting the core network into the data center

C.      when network, computing, and storage convergence is anticipat

D.      when a customer wants a firewall and security in the core

E.       when interconnection is needed to unify multiple switches


Correct Answer: BC




What are three customer applications for Cisco WAAS appliances? (Choose three.)


A.      data center consolidation

B.      protection of high-value data center resources

C.      new application deployment

D.      optimization of wireless LAN by isolating RF interference

E.       desktop virtualization

F.       prevention of day-zero malware


Correct Answer: ACE




Which two options are the trends that are driving the demand for data center? (Choose two.)


A.      Businesses are increasingly deploying IT where they will own the physical assets.

B.      Consumers and employees want the same personalized, on-demand treatment in the workplace as they use in their personal lives.

C.      New devices are being introduced rapidly, with innovations coming from anywhere, anyone, and at any time.

D.      Current business IT operations are being hindered by infrastructure simplicity and flexibility.

E.       New market expectations are reducing the financial pressures between business growth and margins.


Correct Answer: BC




Which two options best explain the Cisco Unified Data Center framework and how the phases form the foundation for cloud? (Choose two.)


A.        a framework that enables resource consolidation, virtualization, automation, and integration with the cloud

B.        a framework that enables virtualization and integration with the cloud

C.        a framework that is supported by a systems approach that enables data center efficiency, agility, and transformation

D.        a framework that is solely focused on reducing the number of devices under management

E.         a framework that is a next-generation platform for uniting computing, network, and storage


Correct Answer: AC




Which three statements correctly describe the Cisco Unified Data Center pillars? (Choose three.)


A.      Cisco Unified Management combines the Cisco Intelligent Automation for Clo
ud with the UCS manager and Network Services Manager to simplify cloud application delivery.

B.      Cisco Unified Management provides foundational connectivity to link resources within and across data centers on demand.

C.      Cisco Unified Computing System dynamically delivers multiple services, such as WAN, that can be configured on demand.

D.      Cisco Unified Computing System is a next-generation data center platform that unites computing, network, storage, and virtualization.

E.       Cisco Unified Fabric unifies LAN and storage network to deliver converged solutions.

F.       Cisco Unified Fabric extends virtualization to create pools of shared memory, storage, and computing resources.


Correct Answer: ADE




Which Cisco product family is the recommended platform for 10 Gigabit Ethernet in the data center?


A.      Cisco ACE

B.      Cisco Nexus

C.      Cisco MDS 9000

D.      Cisco Catalyst

E.       Cisco WAAS


Correct Answer: B




Which three customer benefits related to virtualization does the Cisco Unified Computing System address? (Choose three.)


A.      combines the benefits of a top-of-rack and end-of-row architecture

B.      extends virtualization to create pools of shared memory, storage, and computing engine resources

C.      has virtualization capability that allows the creation of up to 250 logical devices with full Cisco ACE capabilities

D.      balances simplicity, performance, and density for production-level virtualization

E.       maximizes performance and capacity for demanding virtualization workloads

F.       transparently integrates with the network to optimize applications without network feature changes


Correct Answer: BDE







Which three benefits are provided by the implementation of Cisco UCS C-Series servers into a virtualized data center environment? (Choose three.)


A.      blade-based deployments

B.      enterprise-focused design

C.      advanced orchestration

D.      cost-effective server

E.       storage-intensive platform

F.       extended memory support


Correct Answer: DEF


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