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By default it will take 10 seconds for authentication to fail due to an unresponsive RADIUS server before is Cisco Nexus series switch reverts to another RADIUS server or local authentication. What is one efficient way to improve the reaction time to a RADIUS server failure?


A.      Decrease the global RADIUS timeout interval to 5 seconds.

B.      Configure the RADIUS retransmission count and timeout interval per server, versus globally.

C.      Configure per server a test idle timer, along with a username and password.

D.      Decrease the global RADIUS retransmission count to 1.


Correct Answer: C




Which four features are provided by the Cisco AnyConnect client for Windows? (Choose four.)


A.       SSL VPN

B.       IPsec VPN

C.       host intrusion prevention system

D.       presence

E.        MACsec encryption

F.        antivirus

G.       personal firewall

H.       Cisco ScanSafe integration


Correct Answer: ABEH




Which three of the following are major trends that fuel the demand for routing and switching? (Choose three.)


A.       Mobility

B.       Video

C.       Bandwidth optimization

D.       Cloud

E.        IT standardization


Correct Answer: ABD




Which two statements are true about CVD and SBA? (Choose two.)?


A.       The SBA toolset includes Partner Enablement Assets and EcoPartner Guides.

B.       SBA guides are available for enterprise deployments only.

C.       CVDs are end-to-end designs which are well-tested and fully documented.

D.       Gold partners have access to a demo lab for each validated design.


Correct Answer: AC



Which three of the following are successful examples of strategic IT investments improving operational agility? (Choose three.)


A.       A company offers mobile email to its employees, who can then react faster to requests.

B.       A company implements collaboration solutions, which simplified information exchange.

C.       A company changes its security strategy from “lock down” to “secure access from anywhere”, so that users are “always-on” and can easily work remotely.

D.       A company implements EnergyWise solutions, which drastically reduce energy costs

E.        A company provides support for a BYOD solution, which increases the investment and requires network upgrades, but provides limited improvements compared to a well-known remote access solution.


Correct Answer: ABC




Which three of the following statements correctly describe switching? (Choose three.)


A.       A Layer 2 switch operates up to the data link layer of the OSI network model

B.       A Layer 3 switch operates up to the transport layer of the OSI network model

C.       A dual-layer switch operates at the transport and data link layers of the OSI network model.

D.       A dual-layer switch operates at the data link and network layers of the OSI network model.

E.        A multilayer switch operates up to Layer 4 of the OSI network model.


Correct Answer: ABE




Which three of the following statements about competitors to Cisco in the switching market are true? (Choose three.)


A.       Cisco has a market share of about 70% in the Layer 2 and Layer 3 managed switch market.

B.       HP is one of the strongest competitors with a market share of about 20%.

C.       Most of the competitors offer me-too point products only; they lack an overall solution framework similar to the Cisco Borderless Network.

D.       Juniper has a market share of less than 3%.

E.        Competitors efficiently support the BYOD solution.


Correct Answer: ACD






Which three of the following are quantifiable savings that help compensate for the premium price of a Cisco Catalyst switch compared to a competing product? (Choose three.)


A.       Ease of deployment for video and security

B.       Savings on energy enabled by EnergyWise

C.       Platform longevity savings caused by extended refresh cycles

D.       Savings on switch software

E.        Savings on adding additional switch ports to the switch


Correct Answer: ABC




Which three of the following statements correctly describe the Cisco router portfolio? (Choose three.)


A.       All Cisco ISR G2 routers provide network automation, consolidated VPN, and security features.

B.       The Cisco 800 and 1900 router series both offer entry-level application optimization features.

C.       The Cisco 1900, 2900, and 3900 router series provide video and collaboration features.

D.       The Cisco 2900 and 3900 router series support Cisco UCS Express.

E.        The Cisco 1900 router series supports Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition 6000.


Correct Answer: ABD




Which of the following statements correctly describes the platform module slot evolution from pre- ISR through ISR to ISR G2?


A.       All three platforms support WIC, VWIC, and VIC.

B.       NM and NME can be used in the ISR G2 via an adapter. NME-X is not supported on ISR G2.

C.       All three platforms support AIM.

D.       ISR and ISR G2 support PVDM2; no adapter is required in ISR G2.


Correct Answer: B



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