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Which two configurations are performed on Cisco IOS routers when using Cisco AutoSecure? (Choose two.)


A.       ICMP is globally disabled.

B.       Directed broadcasts are globally disabled.

C.       Source routing is globally disabled.

D.       Proxy ARP is disabled on all interfaces.


Correct Answer: CD




Which two of the following are components of Cisco MediaNet that simplify network assessment, monitoring, and troubleshooting? (Choose two.)


A.       MediaTrace

B.       MediaPing, using real SSRC-ID

C.       Traffic Simulator, based on IP SLA

D.       Traffic Simulator, based on ping


Correct Answer: AC




Cisco MediaNet provides multimedia optimization services in a Cisco Borderless Network. Which two of the following statements correctly describe Cisco MediaNet? (Choose two.)


A.       Cisco MediaNet Performance Monitor collects performance metrics of video traffic as flexible netflow records which can be processed by any netflow collector, such as Cisco Prime Assurance Manager.

B.       Cisco MediaNet supports only SNMP traps but not syslog messages.

C.       When using PVDM3 on Cisco ISR G2, video streams of the same type can be locally mixed within the router. Video transcoding services require a dedicated video MCU.

D.       Cisco MediaNet Mediatrace allows real-time troubleshooting by providing details about every hop of the end-to-end path of your mediastream.


Correct Answer: AD








Which two of the following statements correctly describe Cisco Prime features that help improve operational efficiency? (Choose two.)


A.       The Cisco Prime user interface is optimized for touchscreens.

B.       All components of the Cisco Prime for Enterprise product portfolio provide a common look and feel, which simplifies usability.

C.       Integrated workflows and best practices enable quick and error-free deployment.

D.       TrustSec, MediaNet, and EnergyWise services are only configured outside Work Centers in Cisco Prime LMS.


Correct Answer: BC




Which two of the following statements correctly describe how Cisco Prime NCS simplifies troubleshooting? (Choose two.)


A.       It automatically configures a Cisco AnyConnect SSL tunnel, which allows Cisco TAC engineers to connect to malfunctioning devices.

B.       It enables network operators to open instant messaging conversations with Cisco TAC engineers.

C.       Cisco Smart Interactions allow network operators to open service requests to Cisco TAC in a controlled manner. Relevant information such as current configuration, last configuration changes, and events can be attached by a single mouse click.

D.       It can collect crucial information such as associated devices and their current IP address and status based on the user’s name.


Correct Answer: CD




Which two capabilities does Cisco SecureX give organizations for their BYOD solutions? (Choose two.)


A.       limited endpoint device choice

B.       integration with unified policy

C.       < /font>use of wired and wireless access but not VPN access

D.       persistent security for traditional PCs and for mobile devices

E.        efficient security policy with disabled cloud-based services


Correct Answer: BD




Which four of the following are included in the SBA toolset? (Choose four.)


A.       Partner enablement assets

B.       Software release notes

C.       Design guides

D.       Foundation deployment guides

E.        Command reference guides

F.        Unified Communications Acceleration Guide


Correct Answer: ACDF




Which three of the following are valid steps when building an architectural roadmap for a customer? (Choose three.)


A.       Understand the business objectives, current environment, and pain points of the customer.

B.       Assess the current infrastructure, financial data, and operational management capabilities.

C.       Identify configuration flaws on individual devices.

D.       Analyze collected data, identify potential savings, and develop TCO and ROI.

E.        Deliver business case documentation, detailed technical solution scenarios, and TCO report.


Correct Answer: ABD




Which two of the following statements correctly describe Cisco WAAS Mobile? (Choose two.)


A.       One Cisco WAAS Mobile server can serve up to 10,000 concurrent mobile users.

B.       The Cisco WAAS Mobile client is optimized for smartphones with 3G or 4G connections.

C.       The Cisco WAAS Mobile Server provides up to 1 Gb/s LAN throughput.

D.       The Cisco WAAS Mobile Server is based on a UCS-C series server and provides up to 200 Mb/s WAN throughput.


Correct Answer: AD




Which three statements correctly describe the Cisco router portfolio?


A.       The Cisco 800 Series integrated services router family is a 1-RU solution for small offices.

B.       The Cisco 1900 Series integrated services ro
uter family is a 1-RU solution for small offices.

C.       The Cisco 1900 Series integrated services router family provides a modular solution for small offices.

D.       The Cisco 800 Series integrated services router family includes 3G WAN options.

E.        The Cisco 2900 Series integrated services router family provides interactive media services and service virtualization for midrange deployments.

F.        The Cisco 2900 Series integrated services router family provides interactive media services, including TelePresence.


Correct Answer: CDE


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