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By | April 28, 2015




Which of the following is not a business benefit that is offered by a Cisco switching solution?


A.       deliver a positive user experience

B.       reduce energy costs and resource consumption by up to 55 percent

C.       deliver superior investment protection

D.       deliver superior access and service levels


Correct Answer: B




What is the role of Cisco AnyConnect in a borderless network?


A.       Access control to switch ports is provided by Cisco AnyConnect.

B.       Cisco AnyConnect is a host intrusion prevention application with an integrated personal firewall.

C.       Cisco AnyConnect enables secure connectivity of authorized devices.

D.       Cisco AnyConnect filters malicious content from HTTP traffic.


Correct Answer: C




Which two of the following are driving factors for implementing an open and secure customer network?


A.       the need to access internet and cloud-based services from within the customer network

B.       the need to decrease network downtime

C.       the need to access corporate assets from remote locations

D.       the need to access corporate assets from office desktops

E.        the need for lower TCO


Correct Answer: AC


Which statement is true regard IPv6?


A.       IPv6 support on network devices eliminates the need for additional security devices and applications in the network.

B.       IPv6 is applicable in service provider networks but is an overhead item in smaller networks.

C.       All devices currently support IPv6 and IPv4.

D.       The Cisco Transformative Networking initiative provides an analysis of the network regarding the capabilities of devices to support IPv6.


Correct Answer: D




Which two are switch security features that enable a secure borderless network?


A.       device profiling and profile-based selection of security policies

B.       Cisco ASA Firewall

C.       MACSec

D.       Security Group Tagging


Correct Answer: CD




Which one of these actions is the best way to resolve security challenges in borderless networks?


A.       Update existing security products to the latest hardware and software versions.

B.       Identify the vulnerabilities of newly deployed services and protect them by the appropriate point device.

C.       Identify vulnerabilities of newly deployed entry points and deploy the appropriate security solutions at the corresponding network access point.

D.       Migrate to more architectural approach to security.


Correct Answer: D




What are the three elements of the Cisco Unified Access solution?


A.       one policy

B.       one switch

C.       one management

D.       one network

E.        one architecture


Correct Answer: ACD




Which two statements are true about Cisco smart business of architecture? (Choose two.)


A.       Cisco smart business architecture shifts the view from short term and tactical to long-term and strategic.

B.       Cisco smart business architecture protects IT investments by making sure that all spending is linked to a long-term return on investment.

C.       Cisco smart business architecture helps build a comprehensive, unified architecture that matches current and future demands.

D.       Cisco smart business architecture guides are interactive, allowing step by step creation of designs that fit individual requirements. Imbedded Cisco smart business architecture maps are available for download at each step.

E.        Cisco smart business architecture framework supports enterprise network design without remote locations.


Correct Answer: AC




Which four operational attributes applied to Cisco prime for enterprise? (Choose four)


A.       Optimized operations experience

B.       Support for day zero attacks

C.       Integrated Cisco best practices

D.       Available as a physical and virtual appliance

E.        Complete lifecycle management

F.        Smart device support


Correct Answer: ACDE




What are two business values of Cisco validated design and Cisco smart business architecture? (Choose two)


A.       Cost reduction

B.       Vision

C.       agility

D.       Redundancy

Correct Answer: AC


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