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What two other architectures is the Cisco borderless network architecture linked to? (Choose two)


A.       Cisco Media-Net Architecture

B.       Cisco Security Architecture

C.       Cisco TrustSec Architecture

D.       Cisco Collaboration Architecture


Correct Answer: BD




Which statement does not correctly describe the impact of business video applications to the network?


A.       Video applications rapidly increase the traffic within the network.

B.       In order to ensure business quality video, video traffic needs to be prioritized.

C.       Various devices with different capabilities need to be able to join video conferences.

D.       Video conferences reduce the network load by eliminating the need to exchange files over the network in order to share information.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following statements best describes the strategic importance of the network?


A.       The network is most important for internal applications.

B.       The network is most important for providing customers with access to company services.

C.       The network supports business processes by integrating people and devices with applications.

D.       The network integrates internal and external users and their devices.


Correct Answer: C




Which statement is true regarding TCO calculations?


A.       Different stakeholders have the same expectations regarding the TCO calculation.

B.       Cisco Capital financing offers is a youth service that provides simple budgeting services and helps customers to convert OpEx to CapEx.

C.       Business benefits that are beyond the TCO and cannot be measured exactly should not be part of the TCO calculation and therefore should not be presented to the customer.

D.       Account managers should emphasize strategic values of the Cisco SecureX by showing how Cisco SecureX supports the main current market transitions (mobility, collaboration, cloud services, and IT consumerization)


Correct Answer: D




Which three are important market drivers for WAN optimization? (Choose three.)


A.       Eliminate the need for complex IPSLA implementation

B.       Acceleration of applications

C.       Optimization of bandwidth

D.       Offer value added, optimized application services

E.        Sufficient bandwidth availability


Correct Answer: BCD




Which one of the statements is true about Cisco EnergyWise Technology?


A.       Cisco EnergyWise management is supported only via Cisco EnergyWise orchestrator.

B.       Cisco EnergyWise domains are defined on the domain name system.

C.       Cisco EnergyWise in points are managed by policies and monitored
for energy usage.

D.       Cisco EnergyWise is supported on catalyst 3560 series switches and higher.


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following Cisco catalyst switch families is typically deployed outside the wiring closet?


A.       Cisco desktop switches

B.       Cisco compact switches

C.       Cisco catalyst 1000 series

D.       Cisco catalyst 2000 series


Correct Answer: B


Which two statements applied to a collaboration architecture that is integrated with the Cisco SecureX? (Choose two.)


A.       Security Services are available at the network level

B.       Security Services are available for collaboration appliances only

C.       Security Services are available for collaboration services

D.       Security Services are not available for client services

E.        Cisco AnyConnect does not support secure connectivity to the enable access to collaborative applications for mobile devices


Correct Answer: AC




Which three are challenges that are related to video deployments that are addressed by borderless Network Services in Cisco routers and by Cisco MediaNet? (Choose three)


A.       A bandwidth issues that are caused by centralized video mixing

B.       Difficulty monitoring video performance in user experience

C.       Difficulty configuring new video devices of all sites

D.       Lack of support for far end camera control (FECC) at some video terminals

E.        Limited availability of high speed video connections between sites


Correct Answer: ABC




What is the primary security requirements related to the social media and collaboration?


A.       Protection of network edges

B.       Securing cloud transition

C.       Enabling BYOD transformation

D.       Authorizing content use


Correct Answer: D


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