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By | April 28, 2015




Why is the financial manager an integral part of the decision-making process?


A.      Cisco TelePresence is personal, multipurpose, and immersive.

B.      Cisco TelePresence is a pure, high-end videoconferencing solution.

C.      Cisco TelePresence is low-cost video for everyone everywhere.

D.      Cisco TelePresence is personal, single-purpose, and immersive.


Correct Answer: A




Which two of the following solutions are new with the Cisco Unified Communication 8.5 release? (Choose two.) Select exactly 2 answer(s) from the following:


A.      Cisco Enterprise Social Software

B.      Cisco Unified Integration for Microsoft Office Communicator

C.      Cisco SocialMiner

D.      Cisco Media Capture Platform

E.       Cisco Visual Voicemail


Correct Answer: AE




Which of the following gateways would be most suitable for a customer who is supporting only same analog phones and fax machines?


A.      Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switch

B.      Cisco AS5800 Universal Gateway

C.      Cisco Unified Border Element

D.      Cisco VG200 Series Gateways


Correct Answer: D




Your customer wants to offer Cisco Smart Care. Why is it important to have sophisticated management tools, such as Cisco Monitor Manager or Cisco Monitor Director, to offer this service?


A.      These management tools are suited to manage various service contracts from different customers.

B.      With sophisticated management tools, you can open cases at Cisco TAC.

C.      These management tools enable views into potential problems before they impact a customer’s business.

D.      Cisco Smart Care is a responsive service.


Correct Answer: C




In which two ways will a Cisco customer benefit from the Cisco Technology Developer Program? (Choose Two)


A.      The customer will get immediate support from Cisco TAC.

B.      A company can display the Cisco Compatible logo in association with its product offering.

C.      The program provides three year of affordable technical support and software enhancements.

D.      The program exponentially expands the number and quality of rich, new business solutions.

E.       Companies offering these new business solutions participate in one of five successive levels.


Correct Answer: BD




Which two of the following are the major concerns of a desktop application manager who deploys Cisco solution? (Choose Two.)


A.      Integration with existing systems such as ERP or CRM

B.      Missing Cisco knowledge of the desktop application managers

C.      huge employee training efforts while rolling out new collaboration service from Cisco

D.      security issues of the Cisco Collaboration applications

E.       how connect a Cisco Collaboration Architecture to existing database


Correct Answer: BD




A client that is a heavy user of mostly internal conferencing is conscious that adding users to Cisco Web Ex meetings will use up the client’s bandwidth. The client wants to use Cisco WebEx for anything outside the cloud as a software–as-a-service. Which the following is the proper recommendation?


A.      Cisco WebEx node for the media convergence server and Cisco unified meeting Place should be used.

B.      Cisco WebEx will be the appropriate solution for internal and external conferencing.

C.      Cisco Unified Mobility merges internal and external callers together.

D.      Cisco Unified Meeting Place will be the better products for the client’s requirements.


Correct Answer: A




Which two of the following Functions are main Business benefits of Cisco Cius? (Choose Two)


A.      Cisco Cius runs on Android.

B.      Cisco Cius has a small form factor.

C.      Cisco Cius supports Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure.

D.      Cisco Cius has seamless integration with Cisco Collaboration products such as TelePresence and desk phones.

E.       Cisco Cius supports 3Gnetworks


Correct Answer: DE




Which Statement about migration to Cisco Unified Communications is true?


A.      If something unexpected occurs, the phased migration provides a back-out plan that allows you to revert, with minimal effort, to the previous system, which is essentially still intact.

B.      A phased migration is best suited for single- site deployments, whereas a parallel cutover is better for multisite deployments.

C.      A phased migration allows you to revert, with minimal effort, to the previous system.

D.      A phased migration purchases individual components of the system as and when they are needed.


Correct Answer: D




Which two characteristics would you describe as key differentiators for the Cisco ISR router compared to the competition? (Choose two.)


A.      Support of analog and digital voice connections

B.      Integration of WLAN access points

C.      Delivery of innovative security services as part of the self-defending network at wire speed performance

D.      Decoupling the delivery of software from hardware on optional service modules

E.       Route network traffic down alternative paths to avoid congestion, which switches cannot do


Correct Answer: DE


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