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By | April 28, 2015




A Potential Customer explained to you that the costs of Power, cooling and pooled disk storage capacity are important to the customer which solution would you recommend for the client?


A.      Cisco Unified Communications on Cisco Unified Computing System solution

B.      Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express

C.      Cisco Intercompany Media Engine solution

D.      Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition


Correct Answer: A




Which statement best describe Cisco unified Mobility?


A.      WLAN support for the Nokia E-seies

B.      Streamlined communications with Cisco IP Phone Messenger

C.      Operational efficiency with mobile voice mail

D.      giving callers one number to dial and moving active calls between their Cisco desktop and a mobile phone


Correct Answer: D




In which two ways does Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing help organizations to maximize the potential of unified communications? (Choose two.)


A.      Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing allows you to download all Cisco Unified Communications software.

B.      Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing allows integration of video and the new Cisco Unified IP Phones 9900 series.

C.      Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing gives you the opportunity to deliver the full suite of Cisco Unified Communications applications to all users.

D.      Cisco Unified Workspace licensing bundles various applications in one.

E.       Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing allows you to integrate Microsoft Office Communicator for presents information.


Correct Answer: CD







How would you respond to a customer’s statement that the contact center solutions have already been available for years?


A.      Only an outbound contact center has been available, not inbound.

B.      The evolving contact center allows social customer engagement.

C.      The evolving contact center offers newer IP phones.

D.      Only a formal contact center has been available, not informal.


Correct Answer: B




Why should the HR manager become part of the decision-making process?


A.      Because the HR manager is concerned about making the work employees visible with Cisco Collaboration Architecture

B.      Because the Cisco Collaboration Architecture can support learning and development initiatives with the company

C.      Because the HR department has to adopt new collaboration features as well

D.      Because the HR manger has to recruit skilled personnel to maintain the Cisco Collaboration Architecture


Correct Answer: B




What are two generic features of value creation? (Choose two)


A.      Shorten the corporate value chain

B.      Optimize the security value chain

C.   &nbsp
Enhance the productivity of corporate management

D.      Increase margins through reduced costs in the value chain

E.       Create new revenue streams


Correct Answer: DE




What is the single best set of benefits from a Cisco switched campus solution?


A.      Software-based routing capabilities and enhanced QoS

B.      Network intelligence, enhanced Qos, borderless security, availability, and resiliency

C.      Streamlined communications customer responsiveness, and operational efficiency

D.      Intelligent network devices combined with integrated application modules


Correct Answer: B




Which two of the following statements are true about the Cisco Enterprise IM strategy? (Choose two)


A.      In accounts that have a strong MOC deployment, levering the CUCIMOC solution for advanced functionality.

B.      It is always best to start the conversation with Cisco WebEx Connect.

C.      It is always best to integrate into MOC.

D.      It is always best to lead with CUCIMOC.

E.       Lead with Cisco Collaboration story and explain integration with Microsoft using CUCIMOC.


Correct Answer: AE




Which two of the following are concerns that an operations manager may have in making a decision on Cisco Collaboration? (Choose two)


A.      Changing customer demands

B.      Fast adoption of organizational changes

C.      Go- to-market time of new products or services

D.      How to engage with external suppliers quickly

E.       Reliability of the company infrastructure


Correct Answer: BD




Which application helps knowledge workers to gain and share information with others, inside and outside the organization?


A.      Cisco Unified Mobility makes data available while not at the desk.

B.      Cisco WebEx Connect is a platform for collaborating via IM and escalation to WebEx meetings.

C.      The Cisco Unified Computing System stores all project-based data and makes it available independent of time and location.

D.      Cisco TelePresence presents project progress in front of the management board.


Correct Answer: B


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