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By | April 28, 2015




Which two customer statements most strongly present business ROI? (Choose two)


A.      Cisco TelePresence, as part of the collaboration architecture, will reduce travel costs for the management board.

B.      Cisco Collaboration helps us to increase the productivity of our sales force and to gain new revenue streams through new customers.

C.      A Cisco Collaboration Architecture will route calls directly to appropriate experts in our customer care center.

D.      With Cisco Collaboration, we will engage quicker with third-party suppliers and will shorten go-to-market time for innovative products globally.

E.       With Cisco Collaboration, we can roll out extension mobility and bring unified communications features to the mobile device.


Correct Answer: BD




How can Cisco TelePresence Provide a solution for the healthcare industry?


A.      It provides instant messaging and presence information for nurses.

B.      Work from home and remote office are enabled for doctors via remote access VPNs.

C.      When customers call, they can quickly obtain product information.

D.      It enables virtual care team consultation.


Correct Answer: D




What is the limitation of the Basic IP User Connect License?


A.      It is restricted to the Cisco Unified IP Phone 7906 and 7911 models.

B.      One additional softphone is allowed.

C.      It is primarily used for analog migration and restricted to the Cisco Unified IP Phone 6901 and 6911 models.

D.      Only third-party SIP phones with basic call features are supported.


Correct Answer: C








When the telecommunication manager state the exiting digital phone system is delivering various features, what would be an appropriate answer?


A.      Cisco Collaboration integrates the existing phone system seamlessly.

B.      Cisco Collaboration supports voice networks for much lower cost than the existing phone system.

C.      Cisco Collaboration is more than just telephony; it is an elevating solution that will change the way employees work and interact.

D.      Cisco Collaboration has many more features than existing phone systems that offer multiple benefits for a customer.


Correct Answer: C




Which two of the following are main differentiators of the Cisco Collaboration Architecture? (Choose two)


A.      Ability of Cisco to integrate with many other collaboration solutions

B.      Overall cost of the solution

C.      Business-to-extensibility

D.      Integration of presence into the solution


Correct Answer: AB




Which feature in Cisco WebEx is the most important differentiator compared to other vendors in the collaboration technology?


A.      Cisco WebEx is always installed on-premises

B.      Cisco WebEx could be installed or collocated with Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

C.      With an account, everyone can join Cisco WebEx meetings.

D.      Web conferencing service is delivered over a proprietary network, which is optimized for security, performance, and reliability.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following best describes Cisco Unified Personal Communicator?


A.      A softphone with eight line keys that provide telephone lines and direct access to telephony features.

B.      It combines state-of-the-art, wideband, speakerphone conferencing with Cisco voice communication features.

C.      It is similar to traditional or PBX phones and provides supplementary telephone features of a traditional phone.

D.      A client application that provides presence, instant messaging, visual voicemail, employee directory, communication history, video, and web conferencing.


Correct Answer: D




Which one of the following statements describes the three main themes of the Cisco Collaboration portfolio launch?


A.      Video everywhere, Microsoft integration, and Cisco WebEx Connect

B.      Pervasive video, cloud collaboration, and collaboration applications and devices

C.      Invasive video, cloud applications, and unified communication devise

D.      Flip video reloaded, Enterprise Social Software, and Cisco Unified Communications 8.5


Correct Answer: B




Which four statements about the Cisco Voice Messaging portfolio are true? (Choose four)


A.      Cisco Unity Express supports redundancy.

B.      Cisco Unity Connection could be installed on a router.

C.      Cisco Unity express could be installed on a Cisco MCS server.

D.      Cisco Unity express offers integrated auto attendant capabilities.

E.       Cisco Unity express supports up to 500 mailboxes.

F.       Cisco Unity connection messaging access is only supported via IP phones and email Clients.

G.      Cisco Unity is offered as an appliance running on Linux.

H.      Cisco Unity connection supports up to 20,000 mailboxes per sever.


Correct Answer: ADEH




A potential client wants to know more about the convergence of voice and data. What would you tell the client about why convergence is important?


A.      Organizational and management costs decrease in separated networks.

B.      Convergence will offer differentiated solutions.

C.      Flexibility, adaptability, and simplified maintenance are supported in converged networks.

D.      The Internet is rapidly evolving.


Correct Answer: C


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