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Which of the following is the proper response to an IT manager objection about the security of a Cisco Collaboration Architecture?


A.      Total security is an illusion; every solution is vulnerable to a certain extent.

B.      A single-vender Cisco Collaboration Architecture is by nature more secure than a best- of-breed solution that integrates different systems.

C.      Security is an integral part of the Cisco Collaboration Architecture and is built into various components rather than as a separate layer of defense.

D.      Cisco uses third –party applications to secure collaboration solutions appropriately.


Correct Answer: C




In which mode of operation does Cisco Unified Presence operate as an IM and presence server, supporting Cisco Unified Communications clients such as Cisco Unified Personal Communicator?


A.      SIP proxy mode

B.      Microsoft Office interoperability mode

C.      Standalone Cisco Unified Communications Manager

D.      Cisco Unified Communications mode


Correct Answer: D




Why is the financial manager an integral part of the decision-making process? Select exactly 1 answer(s) from the following:


A.      The financial manager is the influencer in the informal buying center.

B.      The financial manager is responsible for buying new infrastructure equipment in a company.

C.      The financial manager is appointed to potential investments.

D.      One of the financial manager duties is to negotiate every new investment with the supplier.


Correct Answer: C




Which two of the following items belong to the Cisco Collaboration portfolio? (Choose two.) Select exactly 2 answer(s) from the following:


A.      Unified Computing System 210

B.      Small Business SA500 Series Security Appliances

C.      Nexus 5000 Series

D.      Enterprise Social Software

E.       Conferencing


Correct Answer: AD




Which of the following is a typical customer challenge today? Select exactly 1 answer(s) from the following:


A.        Missing political leadership

B.        Cisco growth

C.        Ability to quickly adapt to organizational and market changes

D.        Support of interoperability with all other vendor solutions


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following deployment scenarios will be most suitable for a customer that requires full telephony feature transparency, requires high availability and has two sites with 3000 IP phones connected via a low-delay connection? Select exactly 1 answer(s) from the following:


A.      Intermedia engine solution

B.      clustering over the IP WAN

C.      multisite WAN with centralized call processing

D.      multisite WAN with distributed call processing


Correct Answer: B




Which two are typical traditional telephony terms? (Choose two.) Select exactly 2 answer(s) from the following:


A.      QoS

B.      trunk lines

C.      IP phone

D.      private branch exchange

E.       presence


Correct Answer: BD




Which two reasons would make the Cisco Collaboration Architecture important for the marketing manager? (Choose two.) Se
lect exactly 2 answer(s) form the following:


A.      Using Cisco solutions create a modern and state-of-the-art image among customers.

B.      The marking manager is interested in how Cisco Collaboration Architecture will help obtain customer feedback quicker.

C.      Collaboration helps to shorten the go-to-market time for new services.

D.      Cisco Collaboration Architecture, with its various channels like X and Y, makes it easier to stay in touch with customers.

E.       Cisco Collaboration Architecture can support the sales force to achieve higher productivity.


Correct Answer: BE




Where will an account manager find the largest source of case studies, whitepapers, demos, and vertical-oriented information around Cisco Collaboration? Select exactly 1 answer(s) form the following:


A.      Quick Start Guide for Cisco Collaboration

Cisco Competitive Edge Portal

C.      The Cisco Quote Builder tool

D.      Steps to Success

E.       Cisco Collaboration business case


Correct Answer: E




Which two of the following is a part of the informal buying cycle? (Choose two.) Select exactly 2 answer(s) from the following:


A.      supporter

B.      initiator

C.      external consultant

D.      project manager

E.       end user


Correct Answer: BE


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