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IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager V8.1 Implementation

Question No: 91 – (Topic 2)

When debugging an agent to determine why it is not connecting to the IBM Tivoli Endpoint

Manager Console, what information would an administrator look for in the agent log file?

  1. agent crash dumps

  2. timeout errors trying to reach the server

  3. password failed errors trying to connect to the server

  4. BESGather errors trying to gather content from the server

Answer: B

Question No: 92 – (Topic 2)

Which statement is correct when assigning roles to Active Directory users in IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager Web Reports?

  1. Users can only be assigned roles.

  2. Users can inherit and be assigned roles.

  3. Users can only inherit roles from the security group.

  4. Users are not accessible from the Active Directory permissions.

Answer: B

Question No: 93 – (Topic 2)

What makes a system a good candidate to be an IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager (TEM) Relay?

  1. It should always be a system dedicated to the relay.

  2. An existing system that meets the requirements of the TEM Relay.

  3. It should run Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, or Mac OS X Server.

  4. It should have dual network interfaces to isolate agents from downstream relays.

Answer: B

Question No: 94 – (Topic 2)

What is the system on the subnet called that does not go into a lower power state in order to wake up other machines?

  1. PC Insomniac

  2. Last Man Standing

  3. Wake on LAN Medic

  4. Wake on LAN Forwarder

Answer: B

Question No: 95 – (Topic 2)

According to IBM documentation, when is it recommended to install an IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager Relay?

  1. per 1,000 agents

  2. per 2,000 agents

  3. for every 500 concurrent users

  4. for every 5 VLANs in the environment

Answer: A

Question No: 96 – (Topic 2)

How is logging for IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager Web Reports enabled?

  1. install Log4j from the IBM Support website

  2. run the Enable Web Reports Logging Fixlet

  3. run the Enable Web Reports Logging Wizard

  4. create three new registry keys in HKLM\SOFTWARE\BigFix\Enterprise Server\BESReports

Answer: D

Question No: 97 – (Topic 2)

When logging in to the IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager (TEM) Console these domains are visible: All Content, BigFix Management, Patch Management, Systems Lifecycle. When the Patch Management domain is opened the section for Microsoft Windows under OS Vendors is visible. Displaying non-relevant content shows many available patches but none are relevant to this environment even though there are some patches that must be

deployed. Why?

  1. Master operator access is required.

  2. The TEM Server is not connected to the Internet.

  3. No computers have been subscribed to the Patches for Windows site.

  4. Authorization as a Reader for the Patches for Windows site is required.

Answer: C

Question No: 98 – (Topic 2)

What is the primary rationale for placing an IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager (TEM) Relay at a location?

  1. It is based solely on the bandwidth of the connecting WAN. A slow WAN requires the use of a TEM Relay to support the remote TEM Agents.

  2. It is based solely on the geographical location of the remote TEM Agents. The farther from the TEM Server, the more critical it is to place a TEM Relay.

  3. It is based on the bandwidth and saturation of the connecting WAN along with the proximity of the proposed TEM Relay to a large number of TEM Agents.

  4. It is based on the availability of a supported operating system and the availability of the potential TEM Relay system to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Answer: C

Question No: 99 – (Topic 2)

What is the best way to apply multiple operating system and application patches?

  1. create a baseline that groups a number of patches together

  2. apply multiple patches one after the other with a specific utility

  3. select all required patches and double-click on them to launch the installation

  4. create an activity plan to install patches embedded in individual software packages

Answer: A

Question No: 100 – (Topic 2)

The configuration of an IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager V8.1 (TEM) deployment has been changed to use Windows Authentication. What will a user who has previously logged into the TEM Console experience assuming that the user#39;s publisher.pvk and publisher.crt files have been stored locally?

  1. The user will see no change.

  2. The user will need to supply their user name to log in to the TEM Console.

  3. The user will need to modify their DSN Connection. Once reconfigured, the user will only require a user name to log into the TEM Console.

  4. The user will need to modify their DSN Connection. Once reconfigured, the user will continue to use their user name and password to log into the TEM Console.

Answer: C

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