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By | February 1, 2018

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Informix 11.70 Fundamentals

Question No: 61 – (Topic 2)

Which configuration parameter allows you to reduce the dependency on local OS user accounts and to enable a DBSA to grant database server access to specific users without the OS user accounts?





Answer: A

Question No: 62 – (Topic 2)

From the items listed below, what is the smallest granularity of item which may be restored?

  1. a single table

  2. a single dbspace

  3. an entire instance

  4. a set of dbspaces

Answer: A

Question No: 63 – (Topic 2)

Given the following table definition: CREATE TABLE t1(col1 BOOLEAN); Which of the following statements will fail to insert a row?

  1. INSERT INTO t1 values (#39;t#39;);

  2. INSERT INTO t1 values (#39;f#39;);

  3. INSERT INTO t1 values (1);

  4. INSERT INTO t1 values (NULL);

Answer: C

Question No: 64 – (Topic 2)

What is the minimum database-level privilage required for a user to create Stored Procedure Language routines?

  1. DBA

  2. Execute

  3. Connect

  4. Resource

Answer: D

Question No: 65 – (Topic 2)

There are two open sessions (session A and session B) that are updating the same tables. Session B is trying to read all rows in the table and is continuously receiving the error quot;-143 ISAM error: deadlock detectedquot;. Which action in session B would allow it to read all of the rows?

  1. commit work;

  2. set isolation to dirty read;

  3. set lock mode to not wait;

  4. set lock mode to nolocking;

Answer: B

Question No: 66 – (Topic 2)

Which two statements will update all rows in the customer table? (Choose two.)

  1. update customer set fname = quot;xyzquot;;

  2. modify customer set fname = quot;xyzquot;;

  3. modify customer

    set fname = quot;xyzquot; where 1 = 1;

  4. update customer

    set fname = quot;xyzquot; where 1 = 1;

  5. update customer

set fname = quot;xyzquot; for all;

Answer: A,D

Question No: 67 – (Topic 2)

Which two storage objects exist in Informix? (Choose two.)

  1. dbspace

  2. flash space

  3. smart rowspace

  4. smart blobspace

  5. encrypted space

Answer: A,D

Question No: 68 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following is true of system catalogs?

  1. one system catalog per chunk

  2. one system catalog per instance

  3. one system catalog per database

  4. one system catalog per installation

Answer: C

Question No: 69 – (Topic 2)

What is the default isolation level on a mode ANSI database?

  1. Dirty Read

  2. Cursor Stability

  3. Committed Read

  4. Repeatable Read

Answer: D

Question No: 70 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following is true about the remote query SELECT * FROM ABC@LMN:XYZ?

  1. SELECT from table ABC at database LMN on server XYZ

  2. SELECT from table ABC at server LMN on database XYZ

  3. SELECT from table LMN on database ABC on server XYZ

  4. SELECT from table XYZ on database ABC at server LMN

Answer: D

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