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IBM Cognos Analytics Author V11

Question No: 11

Which Data source can a report author connect to directly when creating a Dashboard?

  1. a report

  2. a Data set

  3. a relational Data source

  4. a locally saved Excel file

Answer: B

Question No: 12

A user is creating a join relationship in a Data module. What benefit can be expected from setting a filter join?

  1. Theperformance on the join could be improved.

  2. The result set from the join would return less rows.

  3. The result set from the join would return more rows.

  4. The join relationship would work on multiple fields in each table.

Answer: A

Question No: 13

A company has a Product Returns report. The Return Comments query item is present in the list query but was left out of the list due to space constraints on the report page. The users have asked to see this information interactively.

How could the report author add this functionality with only minimal changes to the existing report?

  1. Add HTML Items to the Product Name cell that use Report Expression to assign [Return comments] to HTML span title.

  2. Add Product Description as a list column and use the Render Variable property and a

    prompt to conditionally render the column.

  3. Add a Drill-through definition to the Product name cell and set the Target to Label and Data Item to the [Return comments] query item.

  4. Insert a master-detail single row microchart to the Product column cell with transparency on andchart Tooltips property set to Absolute.

Answer: C

Question No: 14

A company is using a model that was created in Compatible Query Mode (CQM). There is a report that must reference query subjects from two different packages.

How can this be accomplished?

  1. The report author cannot create reports that reference multiple Data sources.

  2. The report author can add multiple packages to the reports as Data sources and create the report as needed.

  3. The report author must use SQL nodes for all queries that reference the data items in the two packages and join them appropriately to get the desired results within the report.

  4. The report author can use user-defined SQL to develop the query from one of the packages and the other package to develop the other query and then join them appropriately to get the desired results within the report.

Answer: D

Question No: 15

A report author needs to verify that the cardinality is set correctly in order to properly group a list report.

What is the correct setting?

  1. 1:1 cardinality from left to right

  2. 1:1 cardinality from right to left

  3. 1:n cardinality from left to right

  4. 1:n cardinality from right to left

Answer: C

Question No: 16

Which statement is true when a report author wants to optimize reports for mobile users?

  1. Set objects to a fixed size.

  2. Use margins between report objects.

  3. Size objects as a percentage of theavailable space.

  4. Use percentage sizes greater than one hundred percent (100%).

Answer: A

Question No: 17

A report author wants to display Revenue and Quantity by Product line in one chart and use a combination chart. A bar chart is used for revenue and a line chart for quantity. While the bar chart is clear and easy to understand, the lines are almost missing and are different to read.

What can be done to solve the problem?

  1. Use a conditional scale.

  2. Build two charts next to each other.

  3. Map Quantity to a y axis with a different scale.

  4. Multiply Quantity by 1000000 and set the scale to -6 to display.

Answer: C

Question No: 18

A company distributes a monthly email to the sales managers at the beginning of each month that shows how well they are doing using a tabular formatted report. The report is delivered in Excel format and the sales managers would like the report to be in a Crosstab format.

How should the report be changed?

  1. Use theconvert list to Crosstab option. Format and sort the Crosstab appropriately. Save the report.

  2. Add a Crosstab data container to the report. Format and sort it appropriately. Delete the list data container and save the report.

  3. Use the convert list toCrosstab option. Format and sort the Crosstab appropriately. Add a page set that is grouped on sales manager. Save the report.

  4. Add a repeater to the report. Use the convert list to Crosstab option. Format and sort the Crosstab appropriately. Place theCrosstab within the repeater. Create a Master detail relationship between the Crosstab and the repeater on sales manager. Save the report.

Answer: A

Question No: 19

A company’s marketing report tracks performance of various advertising campaigns. All of the advertising media files are stored on an internal file server and can be accessed directly in the URI form file://adserver/adnnnnnn.mov (where nnnnnn is the same advertisement ID that’s used in the marketing performance report).

How can the report author provide users with a clickable download link for the media file in the report performance list?

  1. Add a Layout Calculation to the list as a new column with expression definition ‘file://adserver/ad’ [PerformanceQuery].[AdID] ‘.mov’.

  2. Add a pair of HTML Items to the Ad Name list cell, using a Report Expression that includes ‘file://adserver/ad’ [PerformanceQuery].[AdID] ‘.mov’.

  3. Add a Drill-through definitionto the Ad Name list cell, using a Bookmark target with Report Expression of: ‘file://adserver/ad’ [PerformanceQuery].[AdID] ‘.mov’.

  4. Insert an Image object into the Ad Name list cell, with URL Source Type set to Report Expression and using expression: ‘file://adserver/ad’ [PerformanceQuery].[AdID] ‘.mov’.

Answer: D

Question No: 20

A report contains multiple queries that are joined to form the report, resulting in poor

performance. The company’s policy prohibits the use of user-defined SQL statements within reports.

What should be done to improve report performance?

  1. Convert the report touse Native SQL statements.

  2. Move the appropriate filters to the underling queries.

  3. Change the Cross Product allowed property to be 鈥淒eny鈥?

  4. Modify the Query Execution method to Concurrent to ensure that the underlying queries run at the same time.

Answer: D

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