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InfoSphere Warehouse V9.5

Question No: 1

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) requires business insights that enable firms to offer specific, personalized services, and products to their customers. Which mining method is used for customer segmentation CRM applications?

  1. Association

  2. Sequencing

  3. Regression

  4. Clustering

Answer: D

Question No: 2

Your company#39;s business analysts want to analyze ERP data with an OLAP tool. You have decided to build a data warehouse and use Cubing Services to create a cube that the tool will access. What is the process to build the data warehouse from the ERP database and then create the cube?

  1. Create a Data Warehouse project to build the data warehouse; create the OLAP metadata andthe cube from the data warehouse.

  2. Create an OLAP project to build the data warehouse; create the OLAP metadata and the cube.

  3. Create a Data Warehouse project to create the data warehouse and an OLAP project; create the OLAP metadata and the cube from the data warehouse.

  4. Create a Data Development project to create the data warehouse; create the OLAP metadata and the cube from the data warehouse.

Answer: C

Question No: 3

You are debugging a SQL Warehousing Tool object. Which object requires that you generate an execution plan graph (EPG) in order to debug it?

  1. data flow

  2. control flow

  3. subprocess

  4. SQL flow

Answer: A

Question No: 4

Click the Exhibit button.

In the exhibit, three workloads are created in the order shown from the specified DDL. You are a member of the FINANCE group, you submit a COGNOS job and your DB2 role is MANAGER.

To which workload will your work activity be assigned?

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

  1. the default workload

  2. RPTG

  3. RPTGR

  4. RPT

Answer: B

Question No: 5

You would like to change the value of a variable when deploying a warehouse application in the Admin Console. To which phase should a variable be set?





Answer: D

Question No: 6

Which two modeling techniques are similar in nature in performing prediction except for the type of the predicted value it uses? (For example, one predicts a class label, the other predicts a numeric value.) (Choose two.)

  1. Regression

  2. Sequencing

  3. Associations

  4. Classification

  5. Clustering

Answer: A,D

Question No: 7

When connecting an Output Port of a Table Source to the Names Port of a Sequences Operator, what are two valid methods of mapping columns? (Choose two.)

  1. by Name

  2. by Index

  3. by Position

  4. by Attribute

  5. by Key

Answer: A,C

Question No: 8

A data warehouse application was created using a test database as the target database. During deployment, what is the process to specify a different database for production?

  1. Use Manage System Resources function of the Admin Console.

  2. Use Manage Data Warehouse Applications function of the Admin Console.

  3. Use Deploy Data Warehouse Applications function of the Admin Console.

  4. Use Design Studio to change the target database before the application is deployed.

Answer: C

Question No: 9

A bank wants to create a target marketing campaign for a particular type of loan by building the demographic profile for customers with this loan type and then selectively targeting the customers with similar profiles that currently do not have this type of loan. Which data mining method should be used to achieve this objective?

  1. Associations

  2. Clustering

  3. Classification

  4. Regression

Answer: B

Question No: 10

Which data-mining operator can be used to create set-valued XML documents that can be processed by some of the mining algorithms?

  1. Item Aggregator

  2. Dictionary Lookup

  3. Correlations Extractor

  4. Associations

Answer: A

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