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InfoSphere Warehouse V9.5

Question No: 51

Which statement is true about Rational Data Architect (RDA) integration with the Design Studio for data modeling?

  1. Design Studio integrates both logical and physical data modeling capabilities from RDA.

  2. The full RDA can be installed into the Design Studio platform for logical and physical data modeling.

  3. Design Studio includes the physical data modeling component to help you implement your physical model.

  4. Design Studio is based on IBM Data Server Developer Workbench and a full set of RDA


Answer: C

Question No: 52

Process profiles must be used under which situation in SQL Warehouse run-time environment?

  1. when processes require immediate execution

  2. when processes require manual execution

  3. when scheduled processes contain instance variables with a phase of EXECUTION_INSTANCE

  4. when scheduled processes require execution one or more times

Answer: C

Question No: 53

When InfoSphere Warehouse is implemented in a three node configuration, which two servers can contain Cubing Services components? (Choose two.)

  1. Mining Server

  2. Application Server

  3. Web Server

  4. Data Server

  5. WebSphere Administration Server

Answer: B,D

Question No: 54

You need to join three tables together in a data flow. The Table Join operator is placed onto thework area and only has two input ports defined. Which technique should you use to join the three tables?

  1. Use the SQL Merge operator to join all three tables.

  2. Add an additional input port to the Table Join operator.

  3. Use the Table Join operator to join two of the tables and then use the properties view to change the generated SQL.

  4. Use the Table Join operator to join two of the tables and then use a second Table Joinoperator to outer join the third.

Answer: B

Question No: 55

Which two tools should an InfoSphere Warehouse developer use to perform SQL Warehousing design tasks? (Choose two.)

  1. WebSphere Administration Console

  2. InfoSphere Warehouse Design Studio

  3. InfoSphere Warehouse Admin Console

  4. SQL Warehousing Tool

  5. IBM Data Studio

Answer: B,D

Question No: 56

You have generated the MQTs suggested by the Cubing Services Optimization Advisor. How can you verify that the DB2 Optimizer is routing to those MQTs?

  1. Invoke the Summary Table Usage facility in the Admin Console.

  2. Use the generated SQL from queries accessing the star schema as input to the DB2 Design Advisor; then compare the suggested MQTs with the MQTs suggested by the Cubing Services Optimization Advisor.

  3. In the Cubing Services SQL log, look at the SQL queries generated and see if any are accessing your MQTs.

  4. Extract the MDX queries from the Cubing Services MDX log and do an Explain of those queries. See if any of the queries are rewritten to access the MQTs.

Answer: A

Question No: 57

A high-quality physical database design is one that meets which two goals? (Choose two.)

  1. Minimizes the need for database backups.

  2. Minimizes I/O.

  3. Compresses the data.

  4. Creates design features that optimizes query performance regardless of impact on maintenance operations.

  5. Improves the efficiency of database management.

Answer: B,E

Question No: 58

Using InfoSphere Warehouse Design Studio, how do you propagate the changes that you made in your project?

  1. by comparing your source database with the target database

  2. by reverse engineering the project

  3. by generating and running a DML script

  4. by comparing and synchronizing the project and the original database

Answer: D

Question No: 59

What is the Design Studio used for as part of Cubing Services?

  1. to create OLAP metadata

  2. to start and stop a cube

  3. to create and modify a MDX seed query

  4. to rebuild a cube member cache

Answer: A

Question No: 60

As a system administrator, you have defined a cube server, specifying that all cubes are to

start automatically, and added a cube to that server. You created a script to start the cube server from the command line. Wanting to make sure that your users have good performance, you want the members of your cube to be cached prior to the first user#39;s access of the cube. What will allow you to accomplish this?

  1. Just execute the cube server startup script.

  2. Use the Admin Console and specify the execution of an MDX seed query when the cube starts.

  3. Add to the cube server startup script a member seed query for the cube.

  4. Use the Admin Console and specify the execution of a member seed query when the cube starts.

Answer: A

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