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InfoSphere Warehouse V9.5

Question No: 61

What is meant by quot;Information as a Servicequot;?

  1. expanding a traditional data warehouse with XML capabilities for the data

  2. extending the traditional data warehouse by providing business context layers to the data

  3. accessing a traditional data warehouse with a Web-based application for the data

  4. storing all analytical data in a multidimensional cube instead of a traditional data warehouse

Answer: B

Question No: 62

A new data mart or star schema has been physically designed in a data modeling tool by someone in the team, and the SQW developer wants to use that model to design some data flows. Which data modeling tool is supported by the Data Model Import Wizard of Design Studio?

  1. ERwin

  2. Oracle Designer

  3. ModelRight

  4. ER/Studio

Answer: A

Question No: 63

What are three valid control flow components?

  1. stored procedures, triggers, subprocess

  2. process flow, subflow, flow charts

  3. sources, transformers, targets

  4. operators, variables, connections

Answer: D

Question No: 64

When debugging a data flow, how do you set a break point in the execution plan graph (EPG)?

  1. Select Toggle Breakpoint on a node.

  2. Select Set Breakpoint on a node.

  3. Select Toggle Breakpoint on a connector.

  4. Select Set Breakpoint on a connector.

Answer: A

Question No: 65

A logical data model was created in a design tool. It is needed as a reference for a datawarehouse project. How can the logical model be used within Design Studio to create a database model?

  1. The logical model objects can be reverse engineered directly into the Design Studio.

  2. The logical data model objects can be imported into Design Studio using the Data Model Import Wizard.

  3. Use the design tool to create a DDL file then use Design Studio to reverse engineer the model from the DDL file.

  4. The logical data model objects can be exported into metadata format which can be imported into Design Studio using the Data Model Import Wizard.

Answer: C

Question No: 66

A customer needs to merge unstructured repositories with a traditional data mining solution for a production environment. Which edition of InfoSphere Warehouse should they buy?

  1. InfoSphere Warehouse Base

  2. InfoSphere Warehouse Intermediate

  3. InfoSphere Warehouse Enterprise

  4. InfoSphere Warehouse Developer

Answer: C

Question No: 67

You have an existing database that has referential integrity defined between the fact and dimension tables. What would the OLAP Quick Start wizard do in this scenario?

  1. Detects corresponding dimensions after the fact table is specified.

  2. Detects corresponding dimensions and levels after the fact table is specified.

  3. Detects corresponding dimensions and hierarchies after the fact table is specified.

  4. Detects corresponding dimensions, hierarchies, and levels after the fact table is specified.

Answer: A

Question No: 68

Which two statements correctly describe the anatomy of a SQW flow? (Choose two.)

  1. When connecting a Table Source operator to a Distinct operator, these operators can connect at both operator-level and column-level.

  2. A data flow can have one or more Data Flow operators and each operator can have one or more input and output ports.

  3. A control flow can have multiple Start and End operators; the Start operator has three exit ports and the End operator has one entry port.

  4. In a data flow, the output port of a transform operator can be directed to the input port of

    another transform operator.

  5. The anatomy of a data flow and control flow have the same functions.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 69

A warehouse application contains a process that in turn contains an activity that references a variable with a final phase of EXECUTION_INSTANCE. When going through the schedule wizard, which object is actually scheduled?

  1. the process

  2. the activity

  3. a process profile

  4. the warehouse application

Answer: C

Question No: 70

An analyst wants to be able to see the Store hierarchy as of the date the report was run. The data is to be exported to a file with the execution date as part of the file name. A data flow is created using an Export To File operator. What should be entered on the Properties tab of this operator to create the file names each time the report is run without having to edit the data flow each time it is executed?

  1. Enter the current date as part of the filename.

  2. Enter the Date variable from the RESERVED variable group.

  3. Enter the reserved word quot;CURRENT_DATEquot; as part of the filename.

  4. Create a Date variable in a new or existing variable group. Enter the new variable name as part of the filename.

Answer: B

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