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By | February 4, 2018

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Informix 4GL Development

Question No: 91

Click the Exhibit button to view the exhibit. Given the exhibit, which PRINT line would producethese results?

  1. PRINT last_name, first_name middle

  2. PRINT last_name, quot;, quot;, first_name, quot; quot;, middle

  3. PRINT last_name CLIPPED, quot;, quot;, first_name CLIPPED, quot; quot;, middle

  4. PRINT last_name CLIPPED, quot;,quot; PRINT 1 SPACE, first_name PRINT 1 SPACE,middle

Answer: C

Question No: 92

Click the Exhibit button to view the exhibit. Given the information in the exhibit, what would theoutput of the AFTER GROUP OF groupvar for groupvar = quot;bquot; be?

  1. 3

  2. 6

  3. 9

  4. 12

Answer: C

Question No: 93

Click the Exhibit button to view the exhibit. Given the exhibit, what is the value of the si_valprogram variable that will be displayed on the screen?

  1. 0

  2. 1

  3. 2

  4. null

Answer: B

Question No: 94

Which INPUT statements are syntactically correct?

  1. INPUT r_record.* BY NAME

  2. INPUT BY NAME r_record.*

  3. INPUT r_record.* FROM s_input.*

  4. INPUT FROM s_input.* TO r_record.*

  5. INPUT TO s_input.* FROM r_record.*

  6. INPUT BY NAME r_record.* FROM s_input.*

Answer: B,C

Question No: 95

Why should a user be prevented from adding null elements to an INPUTARRAY?

  1. The INPUT ARRAY statement can not properly display null elements to the form.

  2. No checking needs to be done, the INPUT ARRAY statement removes null rows automatically.

  3. The arr_count() function is incremented when the cursor arrives on a new element, but beforedata is entered.

  4. The arr_count() function will return an error to the application if it encounters a null row duringprocessing.

Answer: C

Question No: 96

A cursor defined WITH HOLD gets closed when which statement is executed?





  5. CLOSE cursor_name

Answer: E

Question No: 97

Why might you check SQLCA.SQLERRD[3] after an UPDATE statement?

  1. Because SQLCA.SQLCODE is not set during an UPDATE statement.

  2. Because UPDATE statements can affect multiple rows in a table.

  3. Because it must be checked that NOT all rows are updated with the UPDATE statement.

  4. Because if an error occurs in an unlogged database, the transaction will be rolled back.

Answer: B

Question No: 98

What is the purpose of a cursor?

  1. to retrieve one or more rows from the database

  2. to allow the programmer to view the entire database

  3. to fetch multiple rows from the database simultaneously

  4. to ensure database integrity by enforcing security rules

Answer: A

Question No: 99

When would you want to use both STATUS and SQLCA.SQLCODE?

  1. When using the C-compiled version of 4GL.

  2. Never. Programs should use either method exclusively.

  3. For portability because certain 4GL ports support STATUS and others requireSQLCA.SQLCODE.

  4. The program needs to execute 4GL application statements prior to checking the returnstatusof the most recently executed SQL statements.

Answer: D

Question No: 100

What can a scroll cursor do?

  1. scroll in a forward direction only through a data set

  2. scroll in a backward direction only through a data set

  3. scroll in a forward and backward direction through a data set

  4. scroll in a forward direction and locking each row through a data set

Answer: C

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