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IBM Big Data Architect

Question No: 31

Company A is searching for a browser-based visualization tool to perform analysis on vast amounts of data in any structure. They want to execute operations such as pivot, slice and dice, among others. Which of the following would meet these requirements?

  1. Streams

  2. BigSheets

  3. Aginity Workbench

  4. Watson Explorer

Answer: B Explanation: References:


The-IBM-Big-DataPlatform.pdf Page: 132

Question No: 32

An upstream Oil and Gas Producer needs to optimize the performance of its assets. It needs to calculate Key Performance Indicators for flow rate sensors deployed to monitor the output flow and temperature and pressure for multiple pipelines in an oil field with hundreds of wells. Which of the following would you recommend to meet these requirements?

  1. Datastage ETL jobs should be created

  2. Infosphere Streams should be used

  3. Cognos reports would suffice here

  4. Hadoop based datastorage engine should be used

Answer: B

Question No: 33

The downside of cloud computing, relative to SLAs, is the difficulty in determining which of the following?

  1. Root cause for service interruptions

  2. Turn-Around-Time (TAT)

  3. Mean Time To Recover (MTTR)

  4. First Call Resolution (FCR)

Answer: A Explanation:

References: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Service-level_agreement

Question No: 34

The inputs to the Architectural Overview document do NOT include which of the following?

  1. Architectural Goals

  2. Key Concepts

  3. Architectural Overview Diagram

  4. Component Model

Answer: D

Question No: 35

It’s helpful to look at the characteristics of big data along certain lines – for example, how the data is collected, analyzed and processed. There are many characteristics to consider. Which one of the following is NOT a characteristic that should be considered?

  1. Data frequency and size

  2. Software

  3. Data source

  4. Processing methodology

Answer: B Explanation:

References: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/bd-archpatterns1/

Question No: 36

By default, Parquet uses which of the following codecs?


  2. LZO

  3. GZIP

  4. BZIP2

Answer: A

Question No: 37

Data Architects assess data according to several common characteristics. One of these characteristics is the type of data. Which of the following are data types that fall into this ontology? (Choose two.)

  1. Master data

  2. Meta data

  3. Boolean

  4. Composite

  5. Integer

Answer: A,D

Question No: 38

Which of the following requirements would NOT be effectively addressed by a NoSQL data store?

  1. Scalability

  2. Reporting

  3. Sparse data

  4. Batch processing

Answer: D

Question No: 39

An IBM Big Data platform is well suited to deal which of the following kinds of data types?

  1. Structured data in row format only

  2. Semi-structured and unstructured data only

  3. Text data, sensor data, and audio data only

  4. Semi-structured, unstructured, and structured data

Answer: D



Question No: 40

A reputable market research firm wants to explore more business opportunities. They have great in house skill in python and machine learning. Their business model is simple, they build the solutions for customers using python and machine learning algorithms and give these solutions to the customer’s engineering team for implementation. Given this scenario, which of the following would you recommend?

  1. Netezza

  2. Spark

  3. Cloudant

  4. Hadoop

Answer: D

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