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IBM Big Data Architect

Question No: 51

You have a need for Storm real time processing and you realize that your Storm processing is detrimental to the timely execution of your MapReduce batch jobs. Which of the following would be your best course of action?

  1. Implement a Storm-YARN integration to facilitate the management of elastic workloads

  2. Implement the Oozie 2.0 framework optimized for elastic workload management

  3. Use a combination of Flume and Oozie 2.0 to enable the Flume built-in elastic flow automation

  4. Implement Apache ACE 2.0 for Storm

Answer: C



Question No: 52

A media company wants to enhance their subscription services to their end customers by incorporating Twitter, Wikis, Blogs, and Analysts data. The company likes to provide a real- time dashboard view for news articles, press releases, andanalysts perspective to end customers based on their subscriptions. What solution blueprint would offer the best fit for

this critical business requirement?

  1. Watson Analytics

  2. Big Insights, Spark, and Big SQL

  3. Pure Data for Analytics PDA, and SPSS

  4. InfoSphere Streams, BigInsights, and Watson Explorer

Answer: D

Question No: 53

On startup, the NameNode enters a special state called Safemode. Replication of data blocks does not occur when the NameNode is in the Safemode state. The NameNode receives Heartbeat and Blockreport messages from the DataNodes. Which of the following contains the list of data blocks that a DataNode is hosting?

  1. Rack Awareness

  2. Snapshot

  3. Replica

  4. Blockreport

Answer: D Explanation:

References: https://hadoop.apache.org/docs/r1.2.1/hdfs_design.html

Question No: 54

You are going to develop Spark applications for your client. Which of the following cluster managers, that is also part of the Open Data Platform (ODP), would you use to focus on building the business driven application?

  1. Amazon EC2

  2. Apache Mesos

  3. Hadoop Yarn

  4. Standalone deploy mode

Answer: C

Question No: 55

SPSS and BigInsights integration is enabled by which of the following?

  1. SPSS Analytic Server

  2. InfoSphere DataStage

  3. SPSS Modeler

  4. SPSS Collaboration amp; Deployment Services

Answer: A Explanation:

References: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/bd-spss/

Question No: 56

You need to set up a distributed storage system for being able to process very large data sets and you want to be able to leverage the Open Data Platform (ODP) Core. Which one of the following would you use?

  1. Apache Spark


  3. EMC Isilon

  4. HDFS

Answer: B

Question No: 57

The Yarn Resource Managers (RM) have an option to embed an ActiveStandbyElector to decide which RM should be the Active. Upon which of the following is it based?

  1. JobTracker

  2. Zookeeper

  3. Task Tracker

  4. Name Node

Answer: C

Question No: 58

Data stored in Netezza can be used for model building, scoring, and model refresh. How is SPSS Modeler connectivity to Netezza enabled?

  1. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver provided by Netezza

  2. DataDirect Connect for ODBC drivers

  3. OLE DB drivers provided by Netezza

  4. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) driver provided by Netezza

Answer: A


http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/data/library/cognos/infrastructure/cognos_specific/pag e569.html

Question No: 59

You need to create an online repository for a company. Data includes pdf, documents, html, images, etc. Total data volume is approximately 1PB. Online repository must be highly available. You are required to propose the least costly solution. Which technology would be preferred for this requirement?

  1. Spark

  2. RDBMS

  3. Hadoop

  4. IBM Infosphere Streams

Answer: C

Question No: 60

A smart meter project is being undertaken by anElectric utility headquartered in San Francisco. They are looking for technology for monitoring thousands of meters, multiple times within an hour, andperforming corresponding downstream advisory action to influence usage behavior. Which of the following would you recommend to function at the heart of this process?

  1. Hadoop

  2. SPSS

  3. Reporting engine and a portal

  4. Infosphere Streams

Answer: B

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