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IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer v9.1

Question No: 31

You have a Quantity field with the precision of two and it cannot have a negative or zero value. What steps can be taken to identify the Invalid values?

  1. Open Format tab; Set Format Mask to 0.00; Click Apply Format Mask; Save

  2. Open Domain amp; Completeness tab; Set Domain Type to Range; Enter Minimum value of 0.01; Click Reload; Save

  3. Open Domain amp; Completeness tab; Set Domain Type to Range; Enter Maximum value of 0.00; Click Reload; Save

  4. Open Domain amp; Completeness tab; Set Domain Type to Value; Enter Minimum value of 0.00; Select Invalid radio button; Click Reload; Save

Answer: C

Question No: 32

What feature allows you to mark issues for further investigation and add information to highlight problems to other data analysts for both columns and tables?

  1. Table creation

  2. Notes creation

  3. Column creation

  4. Comments creation

Answer: B

Reference:https://www.scribd.com/doc/125259952/IBM-infoSphere-information-analyzer- v8-7-User-guide(page 88)

Question No: 33

What are three of the analytical functions used in column analysis?

  1. data type, domain, selectivity

  2. baseline, domain, valid values

  3. completeness, domain, format

  4. completeness, metrics, foreign key

Answer: A

Question No: 34

Which statement identifies one of the actions you need to perform before you can access the DataStage Director?

  1. Perform Credential mapping.

  2. Nothing is required because it is done automatically at setup.

  3. There is no relationship between DataStage Director and Information Analyzer.

  4. Configure in Information Analyzer Home gt; Configure gt; Setup DataStage Director.

Answer: A

Question No: 35

While reviewing results of a data rule test, you find a logic error. Which option will allow you to troubleshoot this error?

  1. Submit test job with debug option and review the log.

  2. Create a CAS log view, rerun the rule, and review the log.

  3. Open client command window, submit job, and review the log.

  4. Set Retain Scripts on and review job log with DataStage Director.

Answer: A

Question No: 36

Which two can be scheduled using the API options?

  1. Data Rules

  2. Policy Monitors

  3. Domain Analysis

  4. Task Sequences

  5. Baseline Analysis

Answer: A,E

Question No: 37

What column analysis process will infer a data class for each column in your data making it easier to compare domains of data?

  1. Table analysis

  2. Domain analysis

  3. Baseline analysis

  4. Data Classification analysis

Answer: D

Question No: 38

Which is NOT a defined metadata workspace within Information Analyzer?

  1. Terms

  2. Policies

  3. User Classes

  4. Data Programs

Answer: D

Question No: 39

You are implementing a rule that evaluates the valid values for an Indicator field. What steps are necessary to tolerate a 1 % error rate in the executed rule?

  1. Open Data Rule workspace; on Overview tab, set Baseline Comparison Benchmark to

    % Not Met lt;= 1.0000%

  2. Open Data Rule workspace; on Overview tab, set Validity Benchmark to % Not Met lt;= 1.0000%

  3. Open Data Rule workspace; on Overview tab, set Confidence Benchmark to % Not Met

    lt;= 1.0000%

  4. Open Data Rule workspace; on Bindings amp; Output tab. select Output View, set Baseline to % Not Met lt;= 1.0000%

Answer: B

Question No: 40

Which two steps are necessary to display exceptions in the Data Quality Console?

  1. Add connections to projects

  2. Specify an update schedule

  3. Specify the terms to monitor

  4. Add links to the metabrokers

  5. Add connections to managed data sources

Answer: A,C

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