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By | January 29, 2018

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Troubleshooting Cisco IP Telephony amp; Video v1.0

Question No: 1

Endpoint A is registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager as S1@company.com. It is trying to call Endpoint B, which is registered to the same company#39;s Cisco VCS Control with an H.323 ID of S2.internal@company.com. The route pattern is set to quot;*.*quot; and is pointed to a SIP trunk to the Cisco VCS Control. The search rule for (.*).internal@company.com is set to search the local zone. The call does not work. What is a possible reason?

  1. There is no search pattern to route the call to System B.

  2. There is no valid route pattern to route from System A to System B.

  3. System B is registered as H.323 and needs to use an E.164 alias number only.

  4. The Cisco VCS Control should be neighbor to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

  5. You need an MGCP gateway to route from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager to the Cisco VCS Control.

  6. The Cisco VCS Control is missing the Cisco Unified Communications Manager interop option.

  7. The Cisco VCS Control is missing the interworking option.

Answer: G

Question No: 2

When a database replication issue is suspected, which three tools can be used to check the database replication status? (Choose three.)

  1. Cisco Unified Communications Manager RTMT tool

  2. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Serviceability interface

  3. Cisco Unified Reporting

  4. Cisco Unified Communications Manager CLI interface

  5. Cisco IP Phone Device Stats from the Settings button

  6. Cisco Unified OS Administration interface

Answer: A,C,D

Question No: 3

John Johnson is trying to leach Jane Smith at net Cisco Untied IP phone by dialing net directory URI, but the call fails. What are two possible reasons for the call failure? (Choose


Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

  1. The CSS that is used by John#39;s Cisco Jabber device does not contain the partition to teach Jane#39;s endpoint.

  2. The dialed directory URI and the provisioned directory URI do not match.

  3. Cisco Unified Communications Manager is blocking the call.

  4. Cisco Unified Communions Manager matched the host portion of Jane#39;s URI to a SIP trunk and fouled the call to another cluster.

  5. The directory URI should not be entered under the user configuration page Instead, the directory URI should be entered directly into Jane’s line configuration page.

  6. Jane#39;s endpoint does not support blended addressing.

Answer: C,F

Question No: 4

You are troubleshooting media issues during SIP calls on a C-series collaboration endpoint that is running TC6.3 software. You are asked to recreate the problem and to provide a packet capture from the endpoint. Which four of the following are required to accurately perform a packet capture on a C-series endpoint? (Choose four.)

  1. Stop the capture by pressing the key combination Ctrl C.

  2. Set up administrator access on the endpoint.

  3. Start the capture by entering the tcpdump command string and then start the call.

  4. Set up root access on the endpoint.

  5. Start the call, and then enter the tcpdump command string to begin the capture.

  6. On the endpoint, set the default transport to TLS.

  7. Set the default transport to TCP.

Answer: A,C,D,G

Question No: 5

After you deploy cisco Unified Commutations Manager Device Mobility in your environment, you note that phones in a remote site are failing to register. Which two actions correct the problem? (Choose two.)

  1. Verify that the remote site is assigned to the device mobility group that matches its dialing pattern.

  2. Verify that the phones are attempting to register with the correct mega cluster in the device pool of the central office.

  3. Verify that extension mobility is configured correctly for the remote site.

  4. verify that the LDAP server is configured to support device Mobility at the remote site.

  5. verify that the subnet of the remote site is configured in device mobility info.

Answer: C,E

Question No: 6

An engineer configured a Cisco TelePresence server with two Cisco acquired Codian devices. Users are reporting that the image looks frozen and the audio contains static and is garbled on one of the devices. What is the root cause of the issue?

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

  1. There is a mismatch in the port configuration.

  2. The input flow control is off.

  3. The QoS that is configured on the port is set to FIFO

  4. There are packet drops in the ingress queues

Answer: D

Question No: 7

While you deploy SAF CCD in a remote location, you are unable to enable the SAF CCD service on an Cisco IOS-based device. Which action can you take to troubleshoot the problem?

  1. Verify that Cisco Unity Express is operational.

  2. Verify that IOS Release 15.0(1)M is installed.

  3. Verify that DSP Farm resources are configured on the device.

  4. Verify that the device has sufficient RAM to run SAF CCD.

  5. Verify the integrity of the flash installation.

Answer: A

Question No: 8

Which two issues can prevent an IP Phone from receiving an IP address via DHCP? (Choose two.)

  1. The DHCP server is not on the same VLAN as the phone.

  2. The DHCP scope#39;s leases are exhausted.

  3. DHCP Option 150 is incorrect.

  4. The TFTP server is not reachable.

  5. The DHCP scope is not defined for the subnet of the phone.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 9

Cisco Unified Communications Manager failed to register with the Cisco SAF Forwarder. Assuming that the Cisco IOS SAF Forwarder is configured correctly, which minimum configuration would be needed on Cisco Unified Communications Manager to test registration?

  1. SAF trunk, SAF security profile, Cisco SAF Forwarder, and CCD advertising service

  2. SAF trunk, SAF security profile, Cisco SAF Forwarder, and CCD requesting service

  3. SAF trunk, SAF security profile, Cisco SAF Forwarder, CCD requesting service, and CCD advertising service

  4. SAF trunk, SAF security profile, and Cisco SAF Forwarder

  5. SAF trunk, CCD requesting service, and CCD advertising service

Answer: B

Question No: 10

In an MCU call with three Cisco TelePresence MX800 systems and a mobile phone calling in, the three TelePresence MX800 systems suddenly experience low audio levels, but the mobile phone audio levels are correct. What can you do to correct this issue?

  1. Turn off the audio processors on the TelePresence MX800.

  2. Use the mobile phone audio option on the TelePresence MX800 to adjust the mobile phone levels.

  3. Mobile phone audio levels can vary, so you cannot correct the issue.

  4. Turn on AGC on the MCU to adjust the audio levels.

  5. Turn on ALG on the MCU to adjust the audio levels.

  6. Turn on the Auto Adjust levels under quot;Settings gt; Audioquot; on the MCU.

Answer: D

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