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Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks

Question No: 161

Which statement about HSRP, GLBP, and VRRP is true?

  1. VRRP group members communicate usingmulticast address

  2. MAC address 0000.0c07.acOc indicates that default gateway redundancy is provided through GLBP.

  3. HSRP group members communicate using multicast address

  4. GLBP uses UDP port 3222 (source and destination) for hello messages.

Answer: D

Question No: 162

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Refer to the exhibit. Which two statement can be derived from the output of the show standby command? (Choose two.)

  1. R2 Fai/O regains mastership when the link comes back up.

  2. R2 becomes the active router after the hold timeexpires.

  3. Router with IP 10.10 1 3 is active because it has a higher IP address.

  4. If Fa0/0 is shut down, the HSRP priority on R2 becomes 80.

  5. R2 is using the default HSRP hello and hold timers.

Answer: A,E

Question No: 163

What is the default value for the errdisable recovery interval in a Cisco switch?

  1. 30 seconds

  2. 100 seconds

  3. 300 seconds

  4. 600 seconds

Answer: C

Question No: 164

The command storm-control broadcast level 75 65 is configured under the switch port connected to the corporate mail server. In which three ways does this command impact the traffic? (Choose three.)

  1. SNMP traps are sent by default when broadcast traffic reaches 65% ofthe lower-level


  2. The switchport is disabled when unicast traffic reaches 75% of the total interface bandwidth.

  3. The switch resumes forwarding broadcasts when they are below 65% of bandwidth.

  4. Only broadcast traffic is limited by this particular storm control configuration.

  5. Multicast traffic is dropped at 65% and broadcast traffic is dropped at 75% of the total interface bandwidth.

  6. The switch drops broadcasts when they reach 75% of bandwidth.

Answer: C,D,F

Question No: 165

An administrator recently configured all ports for rapid transition using PortFast. After testing, it has been determined that several ports are not transitioning as they should. What is the reason for this?

  1. RSTP has been enabled per interface andnot globally.

  2. The STP root bridge selection is forcing key ports to remain in non-rapid transitioning mode.

  3. STP is unable to achieve rapid transition for trunk links.

  4. The switch does not have the processing power to ensure rapid transition forall ports.

Answer: C

Question No: 166

Which three statements are correct with regard to the IEEE 802.1Q standard? (Choose three)

  1. The IEEE 802.1Q frame format adds a 4 byte field to a Ethernet frame

  2. The packet is encapsulated with a 26 byte header and a 4 byte FCS

  3. The protocol uses point-to-multipoint connectivity

  4. The protocol uses point-to-point connectivity

  5. The IEEE 802.1Q frame uses multicast destination of 0x01-00-0c-00-00

  6. The IEEE802.1Q frame retains the original MAC destination address

Answer: A,D,F

Question No: 167

After anEtherChannel is configured between two Cisco switches, interface port channel 1 is in the down/down state. Switch A is configured with channel-group 1 mode active, while Switch B is configured with channel-group 1 mode desirable. Why is the EtherChannel bundle not working?

  1. The switches are using mismatched EtherChannel negotiation modes.

  2. The switch ports are not configured in trunking mode.

  3. LACP priority must be configured on both switches.

  4. The channel group identifier must be different for Switch A and Switch B.

Answer: A

Question No: 168

When two MST instances (MST 1 and MST 2) are created on a switch, what is the total number of spanning-tree instances running on the switch?

  1. 1

  2. 2

  3. 3

  4. 4

Answer: C

Question No: 169

A network engineer configured a fault-tolerance link on Gigabit Ethernet links G0/1, G0/2, G0/3, and G0/4 between two switches using Ethernet port-channel. Which action allows interface G0/1 to always actively forward traffic in the port-channel?

  1. Configure G0/1 as half duplex and G0/2 as full duplex.

  2. Configure LACP port-priority on G0/1 to 1.

  3. Configure LACP port-priority on G0/1 to 65535.

  4. LACP traffic goes through G0/4 because it is thehighest interface ID.

Answer: B

Question No: 170

A manager tells the network engineer to permit only certain VLANs across a specifictrunk interface. Which option can be configured to accomplish this?

  1. allowed VLAN list

  2. VTP pruning

  3. VACL

  4. L2P tunneling

Answer: A

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