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By | January 29, 2018

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Designing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing

Question No: 141 – (Topic 1)

Which statement about the Overlay Transport Virtualization protocol is true?

  1. It is IP-based functionality that provides Layer 3 extension over any transport.

  2. The data plane exchanges MAC reachability info.

  3. The control plane protocol is IS-IS.

  4. It supports FCoE.

Answer: C

Question No: 142 – (Topic 1)

Which three port type configurations does a Fabric Interconnect port that is set to Fibre Channel mode support? (Choose three.)

  1. Ethernet uplink

  2. Fibre Channel uplink

  3. Fibre Channel storage

  4. server

  5. SPAN source / destination

  6. FCoE

  7. appliance

Answer: B,C,E

Question No: 143 – (Topic 1)

Which three options are examples of NHRP? (Choose three.)

  1. OSPF

  2. HSRP

  3. VRRP

  4. GLBP

  5. OCSP

  6. EIGRP

  7. MPLS

Answer: B,C,D

Question No: 144 – (Topic 1)

What is configured on an NHRP to trigger failover if an SVI goes down?

  1. BPDU

  2. weight

  3. interface priority

  4. object tracking

  5. local preference

  6. cost

Answer: D

Question No: 145 – (Topic 1)

What is the purpose of the Cisco UCS TCO/ROI Advisor tool?

  1. to design the components of Cisco UCS solution

  2. to compare an existing environment to a Cisco UCS solution from a cost prospective

  3. to measure the current system workloads across various elements of the IT infrastructure

  4. to plan for system capacity optimization through detailed utilization analysis

Answer: B

Question No: 146 – (Topic 1)

Which three parameters are unaffected by the values on the port channel when the

interface joins a port channel? (Choose three.)

  1. description

  2. bandwidth

  3. Cisco Discovery Protocol

  4. LACP port priority

  5. MAC address

  6. Spanning Tree Protocol

  7. service policy

Answer: A,C,D

Question No: 147 – (Topic 1)

Which two business requirements have the most influence on the data center design? (Choose two.)

  1. reduce power consumption

  2. increase network bandwidth

  3. increase storage capacity

  4. increase cooling requirement

  5. reduce virtual machine to host ratio

  6. reduce data center footprint (floorspace)

Answer: A,E

Question No: 148 – (Topic 1)

Which data center interconnect technology must you use to provide a Layer 2 extension over a Layer 3 cloud?

  1. Cisco FabricPath

  2. OTV

  3. LISP

  4. vPC

  5. vPC

Answer: B

Question No: 149 – (Topic 1)

You are evaluating Cisco UCS for use in a data center. Which two options describe benefits of using Cisco UCS as compared to traditional blade-server systems? (Choose two.)

  1. Cisco UCS reduces the deployment time of new blade servers.

  2. Cisco UCS reduces the number of required management interfaces.

  3. The power consumption of Cisco UCS is no more than 5 KWh per 42RU rack.

  4. Cisco UCS offers 100-Gbps interfaces on each blade server.

  5. Cisco UCS offers a built-in storage array of SSD disks for higher performance.

  6. Cisco UCS offers hardware iSCSI server adapters for storage connectivity.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 150 – (Topic 1)

Which three items represent data center virtualization technologies? (Choose three.)

  1. VDC

  2. VSAN

  3. LUN

  4. L2 firewall

  5. GLBP

  6. ECMP

Answer: A,B,C

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