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By | January 31, 2018

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Securing Cisco Networks with Open Source Snort

Question No: 11

Which engine or module presents alert and log data in the format that you specify?

  1. tap

  2. sniffing

  3. detection

  4. output

Answer: D

Question No: 12

Other than intrusion sensing, which other function set can Snort perform?

  1. packet sniffing and disassembly

  2. packet logging and alerting


D. packet sniffing and logging

Answer: D

Question No: 13

Which output is in a lightweight, binary form?

  1. unified2

  2. PCAP

  3. SNMP

  4. CSV

Answer: A

Question No: 14

What does packet sniffing do?

  1. isolates datagrams into like groups

  2. reads datagrams directly off the wire

  3. transmits datagrams over a wireless network

  4. rebuilds datagram streams

Answer: B

Question No: 15

When building a platform for a Snort installation, which set of components is a major security concern?

  1. IP address, mask, and gateway settings

  2. host naming conventions

  3. URL feed vendors

  4. default accounts and settings

Answer: D

Question No: 16

In the IP addressing scheme of your organization, each subnet consists of 4096 hosts, and the beginning of the addressing scheme is Your remote office is allocated the range of addresses from the first subnet. What are the CIDR notation, network address, broadcast address, and valid IP address in your assigned range?





Answer: B

Question No: 17

Which statement about implementing DAQ is true?

  1. It is a shell script that works on any Linux platform.

  2. It must be compiled separately.

  3. You must obtain it from Sourceforge.

  4. It is not open source.

Answer: B

Question No: 18

Which version of libpcap does DAQ require?

  1. 0.9.8 or later

  2. 1.0.0 or later

  3. any version

  4. none

Answer: B

Question No: 19

If Snort is installed and the sensor, database, and web server all reside on the same machine, to which ports should remote access of the sensor be restricted?

  1. 22 and 443

  2. 80 and 443

C. 443 and 3306

D. 23 and 80

Answer: A

Question No: 20

To execute a command in Linux while in the directory where it is located, and be sure you are only running that particular copy, what would you use in front of the executable name?

A. ./ B. ../ C. ..\

D. .\

Answer: A

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