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By | February 12, 2018

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LPIC-2 Exam 202, Part 2 of 2, version 4.0

Question No: 151 CORRECT TEXT – (Topic 2)

What file should be edited to make the route command show human-readable names for networks? (Please enter the full path)

Answer: /etc/networks

Question No: 152 – (Topic 2)

The command route shows the following output:

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Which of the following statements is correct?

  1. The network is not a valid route.

  2. The host is temporarily down.

  3. The host route is rejected by the kernel.

  4. The quot;!H quot; signals that traffic to the host is dropped.

  5. The network path to the host is not available.

Answer: C

Question No: 153 – (Topic 2)

A correctly-formatted entry has been added to /etc/hosts.allow to allow certain clients to connect to a service, but this is having no effect. What would be the cause of this?

  1. tcpd needs to be sent the HUP signal.

  2. The service needs to be restarted.

  3. The machine needs to be restarted.

  4. There is a conflicting entry in /etc/hosts.deny .

  5. The service does not support tcpwrappers

Answer: E

Question No: 154 – (Topic 2)

What command can be used to add a new newsgroup called ABC that allows posting?

  1. ctlinnd newgroup Certkiller n news

  2. ctlinnd newgroup Certkiller y news

  3. ctlinnd addgroup Certkiller y news

  4. ctlinnd newgroup Certkiller rw news

  5. ctlinnd addgroup Certkiller rw news

Answer: B

Question No: 155 – (Topic 2)

An iptables firewall was configured to use the target MASQUERADE to share a dedicated wireless connection to the Internet with a few hosts on the local network.

The Internet connection becomes very unstable in rainy days and users complain their connections drop when downloading e-mail or large files, while web browsing seems to be working fine.

Which change to your iptables rules could alleviate the problem?

  1. Change the target MASQUERADE to SNAT

  2. Change the target MASQUERADE to DNAT

  3. Change the target MASQUERADE to BALANCE and provide a backup Internet connection

  4. Change the target MASQUERADE to REDIRECT and provide a backup Internet connection

  5. Change the target MASQUERADE to BNAT

Answer: A

Question No: 156 CORRECT TEXT – (Topic 2)

According to the tcpdump output below, what is the IP address of the client host?

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE


Question No: 157 – (Topic 2)

Which file can be used to make sure that procmail is used to filter a user#39;s incoming email?

  1. ${HOME}/.procmail

  2. ${HOME}/.forward

  3. ${HOME}/.bashrc

  4. /etc/procmailrc

  5. /etc/aliases

Answer: B

Question No: 158 – (Topic 2)

What security precautions must be taken when creating a directory into which files can be uploaded anonymously using FTP?

  1. The directory must not have the execute permission set.

  2. The directory must not have the read permission set.

  3. The directory must not have the read or execute permission set.

  4. The directory must not have the write permission set.

  5. The directory must not contain other directories.

Answer: B

Question No: 159 – (Topic 2)

The innd configuration file has been changed and it should be used as soon as possible. What is the fastest way to accomplish that?

  1. ctlinnd kill hup

  2. kill – HUP process id

  3. ctlinnd xexec innd

  4. ctlinnd reload innd

  5. /usr/sbin/innd reload

Answer: C

Question No: 160 – (Topic 2)

When the default policy for the iptables INPUT chain is set to DROP, why should a rule allowing traffic to localhost exist?

  1. All traffic to localhost must always be allowed.

  2. It doesn#39;t matter; iptables never affects packets addressed to localhost

  3. Sendmail delivers emails to localhost

  4. Some applications use the localhost interface to communicate with other applications.

  5. syslogd receives messages on localhost

Answer: D

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