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By | February 12, 2018

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LPI Level 3 Exam 304

Question No: 11 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following statements are true regarding VirtualBox?

  1. It supports only Linux as a guest operating system.

  2. It is available for Linux only.

  3. It provides both a graphical user interface and command line tools to administer virtual machines.

  4. It requires dedicated shared storage as it cannot store virtual machine disk images locally on block devices of the virtualization host.

  5. It is a special kernel booted before the first regular operating system.

Answer: C

Question No: 12 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following KVM parameters is identical to the KVM parameter -hdb file.img?

  1. -drive bus=ide1,type=slave,image=file.img

  2. -drive image=file.img,if=ide,device=hdb

  3. -drive bus=hd,busid=b,src=file.img

  4. -drive file=file.img,index=1,media=disk,if=ide

  5. -drive type=loop,src=file.img,dst=disk:hdb

Answer: D

Question No: 13 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following data should be copied to the virtual machine when migrating a physical machine to a virtual machine?

  1. The block device buffers

  2. The CPU flags

  3. The file systems or their content

  4. The CPU register#39;s content

  5. The memory

Answer: C

Question No: 14 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following statements is true regarding VirtualBox?

  1. VirtualBox uses container-based virtualization and can only run virtual machines using the operating system of the host system.

  2. VirtualBox can only be run from a graphical desktop environment and not from the text console.

  3. VirtualBox provides special device drivers for several operating systems to enhance the virtual machine#39;s performance.

  4. VirtualBox contains a hypervisor that runs independently from any other operating system on a bare metal host.

  5. VirtualBox is part of the vanilla Linux kernel and does not require any additional software installation on recent Linux distributions.

Answer: C

Question No: 15 – (Topic 1)

Which statement is true regarding the Linux kernel module that must be loaded in order to use KVM?

  1. It must be loaded into the kernel of each virtual machine to provide paravirtualization which is required by KVM.

  2. It must be loaded into the kernel of the host system in order to use the virtualization extensions of the host system#39;s CPU.

  3. It must be loaded into the kernel of the host system only if the console of a virtual machine will be connected to a physical console of the host system.

  4. It must be loaded into the kernel of each virtual machine that will access files and directories from the host system#39;s file system.

  5. It must be loaded into the kernel of the first virtual machine as it interacts with the KVM bare metal hypervisor and is required to trigger the start of additional virtual machines.

Answer: B

Question No: 16 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following statements is true regarding XenStore?

  1. It is a web interface used to provide self-service domain provisioning to users with sufficient privileges.

  2. It saves the persistent configuration of all defined Xen domains and restores them when the host system is started.

  3. It manages disk file images on behalf of all virtual machines and provides them as virtual devices to guest domains.

  4. It stores run time information regarding Xen and its domains using hierarchical namespaces shared between domains.

  5. It is a software repository located within the host system used to provide software packages to the guest domains.

Answer: D

Question No: 17 – (Topic 1)

How can data in a computing instance in an IaaS cloud be permanently saved and accessed even after the recreation of the computing instance? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

  1. By saving the data to the memory of the computing instance using tmpfs.

  2. By saving the data anywhere in the computing instance#39;s file system.

  3. By saving the data to /cloud/persistent/ which is provided in all common IaaS clouds.

  4. By saving the data to object stores provided by a separate service in the cloud.

  5. By saving the data on persistent block devices that must be explicitly connected to the computing instance.

Answer: D,E

Question No: 18 CORRECT TEXT – (Topic 1)

Which command was used in Xen 3.x as a predecessor of the xl command? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)

Answer: xm

Question No: 19 – (Topic 1)

When migrating a physical machine to a full virtualized machine, which of the following properties should be expected to change from the perspective of the guest operating system? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

  1. The user accounts within the guest operating system.

  2. The properties of the CPU and other hardware devices.

  3. The MAC address of the network interfaces.

  4. The version of the guest operating system.

  5. The software and applications installed on the guest system.

Answer: B,C

Question No: 20 – (Topic 1)

When KVM is launched with the parameter -boot order=n, which of the following devices

will be searched for a bootable operating system?

  1. All floppy, CDROM, and hard disk drives in that order.

  2. No devices are searched and the user is prompted to choose the boot device.

  3. All network interfaces attached to the VM.

  4. All hard disks and no other devices.

  5. No devices are searched in order to support directly booting a Linux kernel.

Answer: C

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